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Past the vast and simple stars that flash
There lies eyes bound in entities flinted ash
Here are why we streak in our chaos chase
Found and bitten in our unnatural dead-end race
Somewhere out in the distance the persistence adjusts
Only in the place that thoughts travel and dissipate
Mystery is defined in velvet armor with hazy mortar
Sound become shallow and dark as fire flying shorter
Offering the unfathomable inquiry subjects allocate and foaming
Kindled rain into dust vomit lashed by gusts of vicious roaming
Desire soft words far away in Jupiter methane and humming birds
Lost mind foraged windmill pausing summit reptiles and sour thirds
Let me thumb into frozen memories down where time lost itself
The cotton jacket rose future impulses by the edge of the river’s shelf
Hurricane groped dry embers solitude nightmare wishes in horror
My walk bobbled quite languid like drowning shiny silver armor
Mesmerized in thought lust candid to comforts plush and inert
Techniques in azure inwardness in glowing porcelain expired dirt
Rescue me discomforts people talking gypsy rise toward hypnotic
Silent reindeer scurry in transient film heated medium lipped symbiotic
I love your eyes as fumes enter the disguise like mornings that rise on pavement
That’s why I love you for intended visions of lawful imprisonment a skewed basement
Hear that piano rape the sands that claw the foam and pillow ritual, you scream
And I continue to find the midnight aching holidays faced in a stimulated dream
Dry lake bed invasions pink attention watery glare in-wrought laid flavor
Pseudo in utero where time distorts beginning, end, and places where wonder savor
Now, now, now is the hour or the echo when one becomes a flower or a heckle
How, how, how is it our or a chuckle when one becomes their power or a speckle
Float away, here is the sound, remember when nothing came together
Drown in the spiral letting it all go in the dashboard delivery or forget her
Leaves drop lightly just as the dawn enchants our dark avenue sipping sun
Here are the creature embossed in their earshot of discomforts to come
Taking a walk silt down by the water
She was to tarnish her agony she taught her
Driven by heros she lost after they caught her
She slogged by the empty words that got her
Please me in the morning and at night
Hold my curiosity, my wonder, my fright
I just might load you with my agile hunt
I may even want to shoot your wild cunt
Pretend your on a raft paddling across the river
Tossed by the rapids the water makes you shiver
You reach the shore and step on the other side
Once you touch the land your awareness opens wide
You turn to look back across and can only see white
The shock resides inside your chest like a windless kite
You wonder yet realize your plight fancied away wilt
You turn toward your direction as your flight stirs your silt
A sign in the road saved mindless distressed princess
Out in the meadow lying in the summer dew faceless
Son on the frontier hear the Indian whirlpool formless
Dancing to the heat night sonnets and drumming careless
I could bring you out in my freak and bathe you my sunshine
Better than all the rest from where the raven meets the crow
But I need your summer and you need to let worries unwind
It could be the greatest encounter that the wilderness could grow
All left dead in the back where the whole fucking world began
Now here I am, a man and all I do is all that I can
Without majesty, or prayer, or sacrifice or sanctuary
I can see the pursuit is the best part where the trip is unordinary
And it’s getting harder to describe
Beaten how a barkless dog cries
Where city lights are absorbed in alibi
And love stays true and never- dies


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I heard a poor man reaching out to buy some greed
And he dropped it on the ground and it shattered
His cold eyes slung with heat as a tear mustard bleed
And without any reaction his humble torn tattered
Saw what I never thought would come by my scurried way
I was shocked at my surprise in my direction feeble wad
How I came upon such an eerie nostalgia begging me to stay
So I lunched on up to my quick perch and drooled lostly mad
She stopped to tell the floating birds a breath of pleasant words
Her lightness crumbled into a shadow storm drowning phosphorus
In the mirror a drink warmed the broth speckled fragrant herds
She twinkled her aura spit honey into the universal loss for us
What mighty destiny brought wilderness traveled night
It’s mist bruised grudgingly with sun cast and enlightenment
Weird dalliance hot on the sweet nectar metamorphic sight
A gentle breeze pivots strewn among the forest and enchantment
Now return to dreams seeking truth in night vision calamity
Search for your double in the strange array that this time submits
Push apart reality like when hovering flight fills turned giddy
Let go hindsight erection and flow into her mindless formless wits


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Changeling and scattered in my brain
I’m feeling a bit insane
I’m going all around
Tired eyes creep into my sight
Perhaps I just might
See me echoing sound
See me change like a match burning blue
Sulphuric pleasure inflamed pursue
Love crashed into the ground
Yeah wilt like a meteor
As if the singed metaphor
Is like a feather I found
Looks like it’s up to me
Been down so god damn long
Won’t you go come on down
I’m a crawling creature in wicked flight
My magic stands in the corner casting spells at fright
When I look at you perhaps I might
Head on out-of-town
Why would this time be any different
I could writhe you as your servant
And joy you while I clown
My pain shines on the wall
Like headlights through my window
And when I call and call and call
I hold the cold girl and melt in her shadow
I hear you knocking at my door
I get up from my dream and lore
Opening the lock to your meadow
The sun is sweet essence and crisp
We walk along the bare ground and mist
Seeking something
Seeking something
And the ravens
And the ravens
Crying to our wisdom
As we screech folly
And our breathing
And our dying infinity…
We wake in the moon’s passing
We know in our movements and gasping
Our coming is too enticing
Like the gentle rain slicing
On our bodies with hyacinth and laughter
We’d be crazy not to search more of this matter
Following the river again down where the clouds glue minds
Where the love became hindsight and nothing was left to find
There I would die and dream until the earth spun me blind
Let go of my pain and worrisome heart and just unwind
And let the music flow like wind in your hair, so fair, so kind
One more- 
Some call it divine and mastered full exposition
The devious mockery still watered and pleasant disposition
Now listen to the loss of blood
Hear the wrought iron sliver wasted dawn
Just a little in the specimen pool gone wrong
Soft in some mad new language
hidden in the cold misery night mare
Transparent flocks cradle nostalgia
There they are DEAD in mourning warmth
I’ll tell you about the heavy thunder inside my soul
I’ll let you inside when you should pack it in and roll
His fright seem ordinary, yet he discovered the limestone was cold
Walking into his dream, she martyred like wishes, as he was fooled
The pavement sacred plain, into our world we are formed
Make a holiday on your fear.  I’ll see you, I’ll see you, I’ll see you


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Such the resemblance
Your chaos and banded appearance
Mica lick quarried
Attached in hornblende
Tight webbed feldspar
Cobbled array slick in quartz
Climb away in gneissoid metamorphosis
Your crow hill ascend transmitted
On belay cried rustic and majestic
In silence and beauty
Your height and certainty
Coarse-grained mocking granite
From the luster of certain of the components
Your nice (gneiss)


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It’s what brought us here.
It’s what’s shed my dear.
How is it that lives co-mingle
In the fret of our existence
And we’re afraid to touch it
As we struggle with such resistence
It’s our only friend
It’s what I’ll do in the end
Searching like raptors
For our juicy surprise
Once we see, we’re captors
Lunging toward life’s demise
It’s how we come to relief
It’s how we perceive our belief


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If you’re going to shut the door then lock it
Otherwise I’ll see you through the keyhole
When you’re tired of everything then fuck it
Then you might as well unlock your soul
If your friend says hey give me a call
Then acts scared about nothing at all
You wonder if they really give a shit at all
So you close the door and hope it’s just a stall
But really does it matter at all
Besides the path is only big enough for one


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Where is our self residue
Anxious to reveal our inner world
He was caustic magic
Once she spit into his womb
Now they live inside one another
Breeding anima


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Wear it on your sleeve
A branch without a leaf
You sway into and then out
Shut down when so much about
Higher you reach to hold
You’ve vanished into the cold
How pleasure brought you here
Now this time all you have is fear
Those tears roll right down
Like a desert absorbs a cloud
You’re reasons seem to have spoiled
As for love there is nothing left toiled
I’ll keep sweeping up the floor
Until my sun shine opens my door
I’ve been searching for my double
So far I’ve held on to trouble
I’d get a kick out of the moon’s eyes
When I wake alone staring into night skies
I’ll walk languidly unto this new path
With one sigh a vision and my breath…
Echoing my laugh