Changeling and scattered in my brain
I’m feeling a bit insane
I’m going all around
Tired eyes creep into my sight
Perhaps I just might
See me echoing sound
See me change like a match burning blue
Sulphuric pleasure inflamed pursue
Love crashed into the ground
Yeah wilt like a meteor
As if the singed metaphor
Is like a feather I found
Looks like it’s up to me
Been down so god damn long
Won’t you go come on down
I’m a crawling creature in wicked flight
My magic stands in the corner casting spells at fright
When I look at you perhaps I might
Head on out-of-town
Why would this time be any different
I could writhe you as your servant
And joy you while I clown
My pain shines on the wall
Like headlights through my window
And when I call and call and call
I hold the cold girl and melt in her shadow
I hear you knocking at my door
I get up from my dream and lore
Opening the lock to your meadow
The sun is sweet essence and crisp
We walk along the bare ground and mist
Seeking something
Seeking something
And the ravens
And the ravens
Crying to our wisdom
As we screech folly
And our breathing
And our dying infinity…
We wake in the moon’s passing
We know in our movements and gasping
Our coming is too enticing
Like the gentle rain slicing
On our bodies with hyacinth and laughter
We’d be crazy not to search more of this matter
Following the river again down where the clouds glue minds
Where the love became hindsight and nothing was left to find
There I would die and dream until the earth spun me blind
Let go of my pain and worrisome heart and just unwind
And let the music flow like wind in your hair, so fair, so kind
One more- 
Some call it divine and mastered full exposition
The devious mockery still watered and pleasant disposition
Now listen to the loss of blood
Hear the wrought iron sliver wasted dawn
Just a little in the specimen pool gone wrong
Soft in some mad new language
hidden in the cold misery night mare
Transparent flocks cradle nostalgia
There they are DEAD in mourning warmth
I’ll tell you about the heavy thunder inside my soul
I’ll let you inside when you should pack it in and roll
His fright seem ordinary, yet he discovered the limestone was cold
Walking into his dream, she martyred like wishes, as he was fooled
The pavement sacred plain, into our world we are formed
Make a holiday on your fear.  I’ll see you, I’ll see you, I’ll see you

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