I heard a poor man reaching out to buy some greed
And he dropped it on the ground and it shattered
His cold eyes slung with heat as a tear mustard bleed
And without any reaction his humble torn tattered
Saw what I never thought would come by my scurried way
I was shocked at my surprise in my direction feeble wad
How I came upon such an eerie nostalgia begging me to stay
So I lunched on up to my quick perch and drooled lostly mad
She stopped to tell the floating birds a breath of pleasant words
Her lightness crumbled into a shadow storm drowning phosphorus
In the mirror a drink warmed the broth speckled fragrant herds
She twinkled her aura spit honey into the universal loss for us
What mighty destiny brought wilderness traveled night
It’s mist bruised grudgingly with sun cast and enlightenment
Weird dalliance hot on the sweet nectar metamorphic sight
A gentle breeze pivots strewn among the forest and enchantment
Now return to dreams seeking truth in night vision calamity
Search for your double in the strange array that this time submits
Push apart reality like when hovering flight fills turned giddy
Let go hindsight erection and flow into her mindless formless wits

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