Past the vast and simple stars that flash
There lies eyes bound in entities flinted ash
Here are why we streak in our chaos chase
Found and bitten in our unnatural dead-end race
Somewhere out in the distance the persistence adjusts
Only in the place that thoughts travel and dissipate
Mystery is defined in velvet armor with hazy mortar
Sound become shallow and dark as fire flying shorter
Offering the unfathomable inquiry subjects allocate and foaming
Kindled rain into dust vomit lashed by gusts of vicious roaming
Desire soft words far away in Jupiter methane and humming birds
Lost mind foraged windmill pausing summit reptiles and sour thirds
Let me thumb into frozen memories down where time lost itself
The cotton jacket rose future impulses by the edge of the river’s shelf
Hurricane groped dry embers solitude nightmare wishes in horror
My walk bobbled quite languid like drowning shiny silver armor
Mesmerized in thought lust candid to comforts plush and inert
Techniques in azure inwardness in glowing porcelain expired dirt
Rescue me discomforts people talking gypsy rise toward hypnotic
Silent reindeer scurry in transient film heated medium lipped symbiotic
I love your eyes as fumes enter the disguise like mornings that rise on pavement
That’s why I love you for intended visions of lawful imprisonment a skewed basement
Hear that piano rape the sands that claw the foam and pillow ritual, you scream
And I continue to find the midnight aching holidays faced in a stimulated dream
Dry lake bed invasions pink attention watery glare in-wrought laid flavor
Pseudo in utero where time distorts beginning, end, and places where wonder savor
Now, now, now is the hour or the echo when one becomes a flower or a heckle
How, how, how is it our or a chuckle when one becomes their power or a speckle
Float away, here is the sound, remember when nothing came together
Drown in the spiral letting it all go in the dashboard delivery or forget her
Leaves drop lightly just as the dawn enchants our dark avenue sipping sun
Here are the creature embossed in their earshot of discomforts to come
Taking a walk silt down by the water
She was to tarnish her agony she taught her
Driven by heros she lost after they caught her
She slogged by the empty words that got her
Please me in the morning and at night
Hold my curiosity, my wonder, my fright
I just might load you with my agile hunt
I may even want to shoot your wild cunt
Pretend your on a raft paddling across the river
Tossed by the rapids the water makes you shiver
You reach the shore and step on the other side
Once you touch the land your awareness opens wide
You turn to look back across and can only see white
The shock resides inside your chest like a windless kite
You wonder yet realize your plight fancied away wilt
You turn toward your direction as your flight stirs your silt
A sign in the road saved mindless distressed princess
Out in the meadow lying in the summer dew faceless
Son on the frontier hear the Indian whirlpool formless
Dancing to the heat night sonnets and drumming careless
I could bring you out in my freak and bathe you my sunshine
Better than all the rest from where the raven meets the crow
But I need your summer and you need to let worries unwind
It could be the greatest encounter that the wilderness could grow
All left dead in the back where the whole fucking world began
Now here I am, a man and all I do is all that I can
Without majesty, or prayer, or sacrifice or sanctuary
I can see the pursuit is the best part where the trip is unordinary
And it’s getting harder to describe
Beaten how a barkless dog cries
Where city lights are absorbed in alibi
And love stays true and never- dies

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