I can see her crying in the morning
When I wave good-bye
I’m sure she’ll cry
And so will I
When I see her in the afternoon
She’ll be in full bloom
I’m sure she’ll croon
And I will assume
I can see her fold her wings at night
When I kiss her good-night
I’m sure I might
See her tears in the morning light
Can’t stop thinking about her
She’ll make me crazy that’s for sure
But you don’t have to cry while
The crows make you smile
I can see her laugh in the sun
As I let my wilderness let run
I’m sure she’ll come
Just for fun
I see her gazing into dream
She’ll become so it may seem
Aware in ominous sheen
And so will I gleam
She’ll show me the tranquil shimmer
As the noon returns to a glimmer
And the moon opts linger thinner
As we hold tightly to our fingers
I will miss you in the world inside your eyes
And your star shines on upon the watered skies
I never thought she’d use the morning to cry
And neither did I
When I wave good-bye

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