Strangled, webbed and bitten
Sounded like threatening or hidden
Now I’m coming around to see the finally
Take it to the highest peak the deepest valley
Search forever the moment and let release the burdens that come around
Keep the gardens blooming while the worms breathe life into the ground
Turn around let me know you’re real
When you hear my name what do you feel
Does it elevate your heart the same
As it does for me when I say your name
By the way when I’m dream living
To capture what I mean with what you’re giving
And the your world is the most precious gift
So I offer my omniscience and let you drift
Right on into me
Tripping into our discovery
How can I explain
Nothing is the same
You are the one I’ve held on to
I can’t think of anything better to do
In my world there is an empty seat
I will share it the last time we meet
Down the dust free road, the seers walk on a plain that shines
Their feet never touch the ground while they clasp hands and minds
In my world your never alone too tall a tree flocks crow’s claws
We see the horizon in every direction as we residue when the morning sun bawls
I know you came into my life to stay all so long ago
Will strength be enough for you to let it all go
So far away take this hidden valley pass
Enter the laden stalk bright azure laugh
Ripe in translucent drizzle
Our bodies revolve among the wilderness
Our vampires touch the mica hollowed sizzle
We imitate sleep as dawn barks our candid caress
Sometime we’re frozen in our path
Sometimes we seek adventure
Sometimes we’re lonely in wrath
Sometime we need a little puncture
Sometimes that hole is never sealed
Sometimes we leak into the vast quarry
Sometimes we stand in our skinless field
Sometimes we’ll never know why we worry
Sometimes we rot inside and never give into fate
Sometimes we live in peaceful tranquility
Sometime we make our rendition hesitate
Sometime we say fuck it to our mortality
Sometimes we breathe…
Sometimes we leave…
I could torture you into my existence
Like money on the ground
When you  feel the wind shiver it’s persistence
And pocket the prize you found
The time is a coming
And the truth will be revealed
What may be consuming
Shows each layer has been carefully peeled
I see you’re scared
Why wouldn’t you
I’ve pushed and pulled
Everything you do
Changed you, throttled you
Held you into submission
Now I’m forcing you a decision
That’s what loneliness will do
Then I say- I love you

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