Sensuous as we blink to make sure
Our touch feels electric and pure
Letting in the soul like floating air
Flying into untouchable, as we stare
Into each others eyes
And we feel so fucking high
Finding out there is another place to go
A walk apart from the reasons that we know
There is an open euphoria weird and powerful
A thought agaze stretched fathoms into wonderful
I’ve been feeling like I never touch the ground
Acute ringing inside my ears with every sound
The dregs filter through like the silence a bee stings
It’s energy cumulates timorous pain relating to it’s wings
Then we scream effortlessly
Like that bee really gives a shit
Now is the time to be this way
I’m walking into my own wickedness
Too much time to waste away
Into divulging, thoughtless drunkenness
Spitting into my bloody world that never cared
I could fake an injury or act like I’m scared
As weakness becomes character, a baseless freeze
There is so much more to the wind than it’s breeze
So we mock the pungent residue
Who really knows what the fuck to do
I do see with my eyes and my body
And when my eyes are closed you feel naughty
And when they are open you are infused in my intense focus
I will climb into your beautifully structured  torture and hold us
And I don’t need a reason
To feel this energy I’m teasing
As if I’d ride the betrayed
Or let myself feel like I’ve been played
Again and again and again and again
By some fuck who calls themself my friend

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