And I could break free
From all those things you asked of me
Told you you’d see
And watch the sky fall down to new discovery
And I will stand here, yeah
Until the clouds form their darkest fear
Then you would hear
And watch the rain touch ground like when you shed a tear
And it feels so real
I won’t let fear
Lead me into near
From pain and misery
And I’ll fight all day
Just to feel this way
No matter what you say
I will clear catastrophe
And you will fall down, yeah
And break your world upon your angry ground
This I have found
That life goes on and sometimes comes on back around
And when you reach to me, yeah
I will look down at you and feel the hurt you gave to me
And I’ll give you my hand
But, Never will I promise to hold you while you stand
And I close my eyes, yeah
And see into my rhythm which flows past all your lies
And I will be alright
Cause if you are my darkness then my life is looking bright
And I feel so near
My world is so clear
From your pain and misery
And I will see it in my way
Just to feel this way all day
No matter what you say
I will clear your catastrophe
No matter what I see
I will clear your catastrophe

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