Where do we go now from here
Will we be around again in the next year
I saw your shadow down by the river
You were my silence, I was your sinner
As we shined on into our twilight
I felt that maybe once we just might
Give into all those tears that we fight
But we…
Go on and on til we cry
Go on and on til we say good-bye
Every time we fall into our vibe
We slink back to our tasteless alibi
Where once we could be you and I
Where once we were saved by you and I
I heard you whisper my name
As I glanced you turned me to shame
We then let the wind fly on by
With a look I could feel we would die
Giving my insides all to you
You throw me around as you do
When I’m trying all I can to
Love everything there is about you
So tell me where do we go now from here
It has been more than the next year
I can still feel your whisper in my ear
As the river drift past I shed my last tear
I turn around and your shadow is where
I never thought I would see you there
I’m caught and drawn into you false glare
I scream “FUCK YOU” and breathe a breath of air

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