well it’s time i cried into the endless sea
i’ll let the waves carry me
away where ever it may be
while I float into the horizon i may just see
my journey drown silently
as the tide returns each day cordially
my tears will melt
in the sunset
like the day we left
as we wept
and like how we felt
as the waves swept
i’ll drift away with the endless sea
lost in my infinity
alone where no one will find me
where memories become far and few
for my heart and soul feel blue
like the ocean’s reflective azure
my solid ground
is nowhere to be found
the only sound
are the fears around
my thoughts that astound
the emptiness i’ve drowned
if i were to let it all go into the endless sea
then it will never swallow or envelope me
smooth like a piece of driftwood floating aimlessly
i could wash up where someone would find me
pick me up and carry me to their destiny
for that journey is guided unfathomably

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