I could pass you by
You wouldn’t know it
You’d see right through my eyes
And never show it
You could smile at me
And I would wonder
If that was for me to see
Or to sink me under
I could call your name
You wouldn’t follow
Your driving me insane
And it’s hard to swallow
Am I just wasting time
I’ll always wonder
Will you ever be mine
I’m sinking under
Time takes the best away from me
I thought love was our integrity
You push me away I can’t reach
All I can do is screech
You act like you’re not there
I hoped that you would care
And if I passed you by
You’d grab me and I’d comply
I’d never need to wonder
While we’re sinking under
I could hold your heart
You’d know it from the start
That all my thoughts are true
I’d show my dreams are too
And you would know what to say
If I passed you by today
I wouldn’t need to wonder too
I’d be sinking under you
I’d be sinking under you
I’d be sinking into you
I’d be sinking into you

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