I’m giving up the past
Where there isn’t any return
I’m looking at the next
In hope of what I’ll learn
And I’m going to become one
When motions are fluid sight
While the indigo of the sun
Calls to the blind black night
Hear into the silent relic
A legend is born to worship
This magic odes in havoc
Swept like madness off her lip
I can see the rain wet the flowers
She said she would have to smile
Even if her sorrows became ours
I have to keep digging for a while
The death calmed loves plead
She shall be free like the air
All the times we tried to need
Were not because we didn’t care
As I turn around and feel the breeze
I get the feeling that I’m a ghost
Lingering entity as floating leaves
Flying wickedly with a gentle coast
I can tell by the way you smile again
That we are heading for a little fun
As we watch the crows fly into their zen
We let go of the leaving then we run
Love is a sweet madness around any corner
No one is going to save you before the dawn
It could be a long time even if you were to warn her
Then she’d be in too far the breath you’ve drawn

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