I was made to be feeble
I was etched to seek people
I just wanna hold my existence
I could use you without persistence
Motioning my mentioning for your glory
You hold my shadow in fear of worry
If I can’t break you
I will embrace you
I have power over you
Only when you cry
By the time you laughed
I smoked til I was trashed
There’s no more time to see this exit too
Unleash my desire in the most subtle jive
Bring me into yourself I will feed on you
Let this energy flood like your outside alive
Die within the walls of our senses
These evading dreams bleed relentless
You are so precious won’t you breathe
And when your fire escapes your leave
Comply waiting like you’re trying crying
Why are you in the bedroom blistering the shine
As the candle flames twitch in our eyes so fine
I saw you balance your glass of wine
How formless, how so divine
The background awe was more impressive
As their eyes teared in lonely blank happiness
Your nape so long and sacred like a heron
I divulged in tears to warm my envious starin’
You will kill me with your beckoning call
That you never will use until it’s your time to fall
By then it will be too late
And all those warriors will dissipate
Begged away from me
Treaded away from me
Leaping into your levy
My drowning was too heavy
For you to stay free
If I could I’d leave you be
But I don’t have that kind of energy
Say you will when there is nothing
Keep it inside and hold on hold on
Got your fucking in my fucking head
Obsessed with everything you ever said
I’m suffocating over here and wondering
Why won’t you get out from my plundering
Your center is the fulcrum, blanketed and aplomb
Your fog is thick and navigation is doldrums
Euphoria listlessly beckons
Shut up shut up gone in seconds
Feed yourself your locked up heaven
Digging it out of my sudden beggin’
Take all or nothing til you knock me down
I’ll give you everything you could ever want
Except the everything you already have
That I cannot give you
You shine inside that castle
Locking out the temptations
Let me in let me in let me in
I’ll crash through your door
You don’t seem to care anymore
I made myself a feeble fool
And so is this fucking TOOL
Take what is mine become what I find
I could carry rocks all day
I could tell you I’m okay
Would you see in your own way
That I’ve lost my fucking mind so blind…

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