In our lives we settle for the order
So our thoughts can have some border
A fear we let grow older
Have to breathe the sunlight or our darkness shines alone
Pushing through our mindless interruptions
Our formlessness is guided
Our decisions never minded
Hopes and dreams are blinded as our future is unknown
When we scream there’s no one there to help us feel alone
In our visions
No one hears you cry
No one tells you why
Your truth becomes left out
In our visions
There is where you see
The truth you are seeking
No time to fear your doubt
Once you decide to strike the charge, your sadness becomes aloof
Whilst the others try to fuck with you, their madness is your proof
Fly like birds, our disenchanted actions
As we groove with satisfaction
The world is our attraction
As we breathe the sunlight our darkness sleeps in its shallow moan
See the time we drive away our memory
Like falling toward our grasp
We slip right through the traps
Mocked the moon as we laugh with the sun shining on our known 
We are just like prisms, shedding light our darkness hasn’t shown
In our visions
We’re tattered and torn
We’re shattered and worn
No one can hear you shout
In our visions
Is where you will see
And past your infinity
There is nothing there for you to doubt
In this debate of timeless truth
There is no more time to lose
As life strides on by we still wonder why
Our darkness becomes our muse

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