As I hold you close I hope that you wonder me
That the smile in your eyes is telling me you love to be, my one
When I came across your thought I felt all the butterflies
It’s just you made me feel like your world could steal, the sun
You say that I’ve given you plenty
Yes you could keep me here
Maybe when the sun shines
We probably just get lost
Inside of both of our lives
Touch your lips
Think I oughta
You hold me and please me
Please me the way you want to, carefully
Give me the love your feeling til we’re free
Til we become free and pleasing
Moon shines in and watches our bodies die
We lie trembling as our breath breathes by
No need to worry if our death takes our life
We are believing love will save us
Life gives us moments we understand
Your love makes me want to give you all I can
Every day our love should make us laugh again
We are believing our love will save us
And I touch your soft skin
Holding warmth your head on my shoulder
You could never make me go

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