There’s no denying-  On this platform
These followers relying on my rainstorm
Hovered silence as masks, weird, frozen
Shut the doors and speak your poison
While licking diluted currents like hills cower
Shedding white motion as dark flavors sour
Hair flow sheets all promises let be the furry
I can’t see in this spotlight drowning my worry
I lost my words inside my forgetfulness, aww Shit
Where you were groaning grins and foolish wit
Hear the rainbow throw itself into the suns wish
Wondering why those eyes in my skull begin to twitch
Less fucked, motionless death frothing catastrophe
I could slip into your love and never see the beauty
Changed from incandescents into twilight banishing
Look at the air moving behind the raven’s vanishing
Are your dreams wading the winded resolve
Pushed in the clouds that have been absolved
On this platform- there’s no denying
We’re relying on following our rainstorm

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