Bare witness to my noia
I hold intrigue and show ya
How to feel my days ago
While here to those days I owe
I would be anywhere-
Even when Lights glumly glow
With such admiration to bestow
As I gaze out a care-
I arranged for such accommodations
The little sliver of my might
To exceed my best expectations
Like seeing calico in the night
Webbed like my ought, ought to be
My petroleum dissolved inside of me
I shook when I loved only to be free
For my self I must live in my infinity
Take earth by it’s wild submission
Daunted lips cry withered in birch
Treading like wolves with crisp inner vision
Lifetimes of Venus crawled in it’s search
This greige plateau obsolete wrenched presence
The wine magic burns charcoal saturation
Looms prism furry language whispering in essence
As dawn beckons humid for the duration
I sat down among her breath arching feather
Down with each light winded blow of weather
Up as her spirit echo’s in dreams and visions together
I winged bleary into her tears of colored heather
Solid, enter white, shine like jointing, covered in flame
The crimson flowers her floor forest wisdom and name
Dissipate is such her oread toward her unconscious tame
Ocellate whispers stream differential fret across her acclaim
Frontiersmen declined and boughten
Sieged alone through attrition and death
There lie the richer thief blessed wroughten
Lift these forests inside each lost breath
Look halfly through the chopped up trees
When we wish today when we see the way
Her garden beauty slick paths among please
As words trickle like showers and spirits play
Every bright watered sunshine fly east
Exhaling the thrills and forgetting the least
Wondering if we’d be together again
I will ever feel like I lost my best friend




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