Soon the sun rise
Will we be born into its soul
I thought less when I was young
I saved the tired tomorrow for you
As we slip from our surprise
Bringing in the faceless role
Let this guess madden the fun
Then listen to the earth bleed too
Soon the moon rise
Our turned bodies become whole
In search of the meaning til we’re done
Our aching worries flood in colored blue
So this is a test to divide my mind
Complaining in one side
Reasons flock in the hollow of the other
So I must fear the dark wants
And I must keep strength at arm’s length
I never rode the wave-like this before
So alone and left-sided
Coldness heals the fire
A tedious loved foraged white
The noise breaths deep toward folly
She wet her eyes and discovered me
I floated like a feather patiently ghost
Hear the leave blow along the ground
I must keep reminding myself
There was no escape from feelings that covered me in armor
And still these days plugged my soul from being bitten
Hear her warmth young and carefully tried
I know there is a beyond lying there sullenly
Caged in my pain my double leeks out into forest kings
Lighting the fuel for feasting on fire
Crippled pages down wearisome puzzle finite
And devoured lakes like frozen ice sleek smooth ripples
And touching her soft skin
It would make me begin
To unravel the times we were akin
Milky dawns breathing outward lust
I light the fire again to feel safety
The leering smiles around the edges
My calming visions let only to imagination
She’s warm inside my soul
Her face is lit up by the glowing flames
I hold her and we breathe with embracing silence
Our formless gaze emptying in the flickering heat
Sleepy as we stare our thoughts away like the smoked wood
Bellowing in grey crazy pillows fighting for its release
Here is the avenue drab minerals die-hard
Living the reality discouraging baffled placement
When we are deciding that we are pushing
Alive freely seeking our eternity gold and silk dreamt illusions
Pain and happiness drive solutions to be fevered and whole 
Celebrate our chance to be here insubordinate
There is our gap gaping envy and hatred of ourselves
As we stare down at those whose routine repeats our own
Perhaps that shine in our mind creates space where love is replaced
As is compassion for the weak and weary
Only to help with our humbled moments we faced
My desire to open the doors and walk through the awkward birth and beauty
Shower on the spiral as the wilderness screams to our mindless duty
Reaching for random eagle’s claws in hopes for intent and sight
Mentioning the world as we drown into the sunset sipping the night
The coldness climbs all over us as the fire slips into an unconscious gait
And certainly the dreams take us to realities where unordinary visions wait 
Get closer we may not make it back….
We might not want to….
I hear it calling me….
Come closer and be consumed….
Our light and lightness guide us….
Into territory yet walked upon….
Let her suffocate our wisdom, our thought….
We might get closer  to our untaught….
Infant spot….

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