How can you be totally in your there
When your mind is swimming over here
As you talk formally and laughter
And that I wonder what it is I’m after
Perhaps I could just dream about you smiling at me
Setting my insides floating and butterflying so free
Watching the wind fly by and the flowers grow
Catching the smell of the breeze as the blooms blow
I can only hope when you dream of me our hearts rush
Gazing into my eyes I can see you’re in need of my touch
Then we hold gentle our loving until the night makes us hush
As we drift into this dream where time keeps us in its clutch
Dust covers the eternity that I’m searching for
All around the dirt spins and fills in every door
As I try to open each untraveled road I seem to find
That I’ve only hoped that it would ease my mind
Something that you hide
Reaching up you hold me inside
We seem so formless in our glide
Where the world around us has died
How am I here when my mind is totally in your there
I’ll never be alone as long as I know that you care
And when I hear your talking and laughter
I will know that you are what it is I’m after

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