I am lost on this island
With the whole world floating by
I can see only my hands
As I reach for your smiling reply
The shore seems to be falling further away
The more I swim the tide washes me astray
Every glimpse I see you standing on the beach
And with every wave you get farther from my reach
My boat feels overturned
There is a hole in the keel
My skin scorched and sunburned
And I’m sinking deeper the more I feel
I’m disoriented and bewildered
Every time I think of you
I can’t see into the world I’ve entered
Even if I stood on the same island you do
So one contemplates while deserted in their mind
In the process of ultimate euphoria they hope to find
As when one looks up to see the eagle’s fly up high
There’s an island in every moment drifting on by

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