You show me your love how it makes me just drool
I would give you a kiss but I would be such a fool
We are drenched by the rain that is splashing the roof
The thunder crashes over our youth
As lightning flashes and shines on the truth
These lazy brown curtains and smiles turned to shade
I was edged by the wolves that were leading you away
Til yellow birds fly, perched happy, watching us play
The thunder crashes into fade
Listen to the meadow’s tongue sharp as blade
Our loving, our loving is where we should be
Until our eyes fall asleep we wont need them to see
If we lose out on love will we be better off being free
This day’s so new we haven’t had time to gleam
We’ve been soaked by the rain that makes the roof scream
I would give you a kiss if we had our life to dream
The thunder crashes our stream
So might we be apt to become wholesome again

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