From where I begun
To where I’ll be done
I’ll have to be someone
Light the edge on fire
And dance in the middle
Let the flames get higher
As they burn, you giggle
Lie here wet under cloud
The echos of thunder flood
I smell earth’s humid aloud
Signs deep trickle falling ago
Watching fireflies scratch the air
The summer seeks its life ego
As the dryness thins all water there
I hear the earth calling me
It’s saying fly and be free
I talk back speaking quietly
As to not disturb her riot spree
Flinging me into days yet seen
I would hover like a hummingbird
Slipping my tongue in what’s been
By distressing my absorbing running word
Collecting mindless tries
In these tears in my eyes
They tumble-down the side
Of my face that my hands collide
As I wonder prisonly at why
My mind empties the pain I cry
When all it would take for me to fly
Is for my shadow to open my try
Send me to a peace of earth…Sigh

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