Perhaps in the morning I should wake to you
For in the morning, life becomes brand new
And yesterday’s a dream with a different hue
For in the morning, the day belongs to you
You could draw the curtains and let her shine in
Open the window and let the world come in too
Hear the birds speak their wisdom with their singing
Feel the freshness of the sweet morning dew
The morning is our valley
Stuck between two worlds in one
Watch the sun come crying
Light the beauty as we come
Touch you, in the morning pleasure swiftly
Once we start our vision, nothing else will fair
I found that we stare, in our eyes
Let the morning clear away our lies
If we have a care, deep in our cries
The morning light will replenish our vibes
Breathe the morning
Breathe the morning
Breathe the morning or else we’ll die
Leave the morning
Leave the morning
Leave the morning so the days go by

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