Well if I gave my life to you
What would you send me to wonder
I lent you all my pleasures
And spoke of all my plunders
And with all the stories told
And sleepless nights with nightmares
I give my hand to hold
And lit the light that fright glares
Til dawn and dusk come and go
And time is ours to mould
The life we share this world
Could never even get old
Our hope for love we share
And nothing else does matter
We show this how we care
In every single tear and tatter
Like the wilderness unknown
Like the earth that we are born
We set out on our home
Wether the path is smooth or worn
For our happiness we feel
As we take the time to share
The days are lived so real
You can tell that we care
Then the night comes in so cold
As we close the wooden door
Sipping in our loving hold
As our love is strong and pure
We take each one to sleep
As our dreams are meshed together
With our eyes in so deep
We forget about the outside weather
So another dusk and dawn
We folly toward our future
And inside our love we belong
There’s no need for us to suture
And we’ll laugh and dance and play
For there is no need for crying
And we’ll bathe our bodies each day
In the wind and earth that’s flying
For our souls are one by then
And the clouds all slip and sway
We are each others best friend
And our love is there to stay

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