As you haunt me like some instrument of sound
I heard the wind mix symmetry in the pleasures you found
When demons drain you of your wisdom soft down
I feel you shadow my inner vision blending all the yellow into brown
Would you get the fuck out of my surround
After this night I’m not here
I could vanish and who would care
Who would really care
You could drain me from the bottom
You have seen me drown before
And your water laughs some more
Slipstream the vacuum hot gathering black doom
Once there’s a fountain that brought peace way too soon
You could be frantic and sadness in your room
As rainstorms are musing that never are a full moon
Stand on the reasons that make you feel this love
You’ll never change my mind there’s nothing I think of-for you
Give a fuck
Good fucking luck
Laden horror
My thoughts get stuck
Throwing memories into the river
Bitch got drunk
My heart just sunk
Made me puke
Without being drunk
Now there’s nothing for me to give her
The edge of the cliff
The cliff
It’s getting thinner
Coulda been good huh?
Yeah, someone told me I count my own numbers
Back into the wilderness to gaze away
The birds fly into the city every day
Where streets are filled with people’s pain
I wonder if it’s gonna rain
As the sun smiles upon my brain
The echo of cloud seems so insane
Perhaps our lives spin down the drain
When we worry about that rain
Why don’t we watch the birds all say
As they speak while we gaze away
The summer’s kiss will take its run
Winter’s bliss is about to come
Drafts are weeping inside someone
Death is on my left, a full moon at night
Fear is a woman in shiny eyes
Milky tears and bloody thighs
Killed the whisper as she drowns in cries
When walking with ghosts she sees them in the light
Fuckin Right!!
His white is becoming brighter
He sheds his lasting moments
Walking with the flow
When he has no place to wonder why
He’ll just have to get used to getting by
With no reply
Angels in the hour-glass
Talking silence Withered alliance
What part of divine does the mask speak defiance
Let be the awkward slip into the tomb
Where infinity resists the residue
Walking with the flow Walking with the flow Walking with the flow
What do we know?
To get to where our bodies writhe, if all we need to do is eat- and breathe- and lie
Then I’ll die…

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