I gave her everything inside of me
But maybe that wasn’t part of me
Tears all drown around me
Listen to them splash into her sea
The distance from her stream
And the vastness of her dream
Are the reasons for me to leave
Letting go the oceans that gave us peace
Her vacuum seemed to just leak
Dimmed the lights until we’re through
The morning light brought the blue
What would be the purpose to reel the real
My insides only twist, turn and then don’t feel
Broke my pride and stole my fuel
Now all I have left is I think that I’m a fool
Made me frown, now I’m the clown
Now I’m fucked and I feel so down
Never will I hear her sing her song
She’ll never sing that song to me
Her love is gone from inside me
But that’s just how it has to be
Fucked my soul and installed fear
What the fuck did I ever do to make her veer
Gave her everything inside
Now that is all left is that our love has died
Just fuckin go you’ll never know
How big we could have made our love grow
Now in your eyes are only lies
I will never give a shit when I hear your cries

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