All along there’s a dream giving you haste
As you float naturally without leaving your place
And when you wake up all those pieces seem to be deliriously strewn
Your mind clears up from what you had
There’s never really anything to make you mad
And in these funny dreams, your visions mock and act out these scenes
And the mountain starts to shake
Walks in between 
Our echoed dream
All the leaves fall and touch the ground
Some float by without making a sound
And if you pick one up, you can hear the green turn to red or orange or yellow or brown
And as time goes by they start to decay
The grass will grow tall in its own special way
And the trees will start to leave throughout the spring and become the perfect color green
And the mountain startS to shake
Paints in between
Our wild dream
And if you look out of your window now
Your time is past without ever knowing how
And the days crawl on between the dusk and the dawn, and keep going on and on and on
You shed a tear here and a smile there
Your love grows and you hate’s unfair
But you decide whatever you want, but remember your reactions are yours to taunt
And the mountains start to shake
Speaks in between
Our beautiful dream

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