Open up your heart my love
And send me all your world
You are all that I dream of
My one and only girl
Discover me on silent moss
And come and take my hand
The lake is striking our silhouette
A gust of wind slips through the trees
We lie on back to when we first met
And listen for love in the breeze
We tired out our fast deep breath
And hold ourselves in our eyes
The sun is sinking beneath the world
Our night is perched upon
I take your warmth you are my girl
As we sleep on the lawn
You’ll find me on the silent moss
Just come you’ll understand
Someday when the dream is real
Shadows forage an open feel
Belong to my strange day
Inside where our heart stay
What’d you say?
Open doors that never led
Into a day where time is dead
Come here and let love find
You give me your sweet sunshine
Do you mind?
As you seek me there
Someday we will make it real
Our wishes have an open feel
Let life take our time away
As we take our breath away
Will you stay
With me here
In this world we have no idea
Every day we try to become clear
Until we can feel it
And our will is our spirit
Don’t fear it
Don’t fear it

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