Hey now.  Here we go
Show the way.
Whatever we may
You’ve seen it all before.
The time will intend
No time to pretend
Where is my friend
Hanging inside my head
This ravenstooth will shout and bend
To freak like nothing flys again
I saw what I thought love dead ends
I will whisper all my fears to hide again
A rippled river to be clear
Somewhere the cloud stands near
Looking inside life, like there’s only fear
As I wave with tears
Time is waving
I remember this one day I was falling off a cliff
And the days were like waterfalls counting sleep
They stopped the record player from skipping
And when the signs fell limped in cotton sheets
The bottom crawled like empty covered tents
Silently mocking deer and playful windy ridge tops
Where are the wretched outskirts where we collide
Where are the ghosts that inspired moth’s flight
I watched the drowning noise bellow hot lips ragged
Nothing in the dawn walked through the ancient prism
The stranger touched the brim of town
The night became like day in his eyes black as wisdom’s pain
He opened the door to the shallow realm
And conspired the dead ridged rain to bathe beauty
Echo’s- past tense
Wake up- I wish to thrill you
Motions- drain my loose cock’s dying edge
All night long with these fuck throttled levitation
There is a vision that can dance the lust
There is a vision that will fuck with us
There is someone who can break the trust
Could just look watching into the dust
Could be that the dream was never lost
Was never- dream was a- was never lost
Drum on…
My time is now dead
No sense to break the bend
Let it never befriend
The sun will never end
This ravenstooth will become free
As my feathers drop behind me
A shrill comes after your soft sighs

If you find one along the uncertain way

Look on up and you may hear me say
In my omen that shouts and cries
And now the Ravenstooth dies…

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