Welcome to the insight.  The world as we know is a continuous repetition of the vastness in the ordinary and unordinary.  A vision is a journey of the subconscious, the conscious, the dream, the unseen, or the reality.  One must realize one’s tragedy and place themselves on the many distances and directions to fulfill this quest to the fathoms of one’s ode. 
This is the doorway to the creative unknown.  Words, music, and emotions , either good or bad, will collaborate in the pleasures or displeasures to whom may feel the desire.  Poetry is an outlet that has been part of my quest since the time I discovered how powerful the form is.  To some, the rambling and ranting  may seem random and pointless.  But that’s the point.  Sometimes it’s not.  Sometimes it really doesn’t matter.  Sometimes we see.  Welcome to my mind… 

My Ravenstooth… raven123


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