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What god would make me want to think this way
There’s never enough words for me to say
That god had this amazing crazy idea one day
To create this world then make us kneel down and pray
But to who?
Have you ever thought to believe in you
Hey, Mom showed me another bright blue sky
With all the creature running and flying by
Thanks Mom you gave me this amazing world so I
Can live and breathe with never needing to wonder why
But when I do?
I just need to love and believe in you
This god never fought a single war
So what are all these people dying for
Each cult sings praise for they seem so sure
That their souls will be knocking at the god damn door
What will it do?
Have you ever thought to believe in you
This fighting for god seems blasphemous too
My Mom made the rain fall down
My Mom drove the winds out of town
My Mom made the sun shine all day
My Mom gave us the earth so we could play
My Mom can grow a perfect flower
My Mom has this amazing power
My Mom can feed the entire world
My Mom makes all the colors swirled
My Mom brought in a hurricane
My Mom can be a bit insane
My Mom has all the secrets you can hear it
My Mom is the peace in a landscape’s spirit
My Mom does what she really wants to
My Mom made me believe in you
My Mom made me believe in you
My Mom made me believe in you
My Mom made me believe in you


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Come inside
Always seem to run and hide
Blow down
Running through my mind
Shout out
Break my love into the ground
Fucked doubts
Listen to the shattered sound
Let me run again
Let me run again..
I would fuck it up again and again
In my mind
Always getting blurred to me
This time
I’ll land somewhere in clarity
Then I’ll do it again and again
My turn to lend a hand to a friend
Feel this inside
Let writhe your scorched mind
Until I’ve died
I’ll be right where you can find
I know when
You came into my reality
I’m hard to be
Strapped to my clarity
Let me live again
Let me live again…
Let me fuck it up again and again
I feel a kind
A bit shadowed and surreal
In a time
I stretched out far to feel
And I’ll do it again and again
Until I lend a hand to a friend


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Just breathe and close your eyes
Let your mind ease your cries
Just use your breath and begin again
Alleviate the worries that are creeping in
Send silent waves of elation through
Incorporate the sounds traveling you
Just breathe in a let go of fears
Hold true to your breath as it nears
The realms that brought your thought
Whether you embrace the energy you got
You may breathe into this new wild
Like when you breathed as a child
Just breathe as if your knowledge is clear
The sights and sounds and all that you feel
Just use your flow and flood out your woe
Stay solid in your skin and begin to let go
Let drift in your river and madness free
Take your breath to your center so you can see


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You could just lift me up
From the deepest hole
Your shine is so abrupt
But enough to save my soul
When my walk is slow
And my head hangs down
Your shine will give my glow
What it needs to grow
You could just lift me up
To the highest peak
Your shine is just enough
So my love can freak
When I’m sinking low
And my feel is stalling
Your shine let’s me know
To be open to falling
You could just lift me up
And feel my intensity
Your shine would flow like syrup
And stick to our destiny
When I’m off far away
Yet still looking at you
Your shine will shine my way
As to guide me back into
You could just lift me up
And I’d become brand new
Your shine would fill me up
With the love that shines you


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Bare witness to my noia
I hold intrigue and show ya
How to feel my days ago
While here to those days I owe
I would be anywhere-
Even when Lights glumly glow
With such admiration to bestow
As I gaze out a care-
I arranged for such accommodations
The little sliver of my might
To exceed my best expectations
Like seeing calico in the night
Webbed like my ought, ought to be
My petroleum dissolved inside of me
I shook when I loved only to be free
For my self I must live in my infinity
Take earth by it’s wild submission
Daunted lips cry withered in birch
Treading like wolves with crisp inner vision
Lifetimes of Venus crawled in it’s search
This greige plateau obsolete wrenched presence
The wine magic burns charcoal saturation
Looms prism furry language whispering in essence
As dawn beckons humid for the duration
I sat down among her breath arching feather
Down with each light winded blow of weather
Up as her spirit echo’s in dreams and visions together
I winged bleary into her tears of colored heather
Solid, enter white, shine like jointing, covered in flame
The crimson flowers her floor forest wisdom and name
Dissipate is such her oread toward her unconscious tame
Ocellate whispers stream differential fret across her acclaim
Frontiersmen declined and boughten
Sieged alone through attrition and death
There lie the richer thief blessed wroughten
Lift these forests inside each lost breath
Look halfly through the chopped up trees
When we wish today when we see the way
Her garden beauty slick paths among please
As words trickle like showers and spirits play
Every bright watered sunshine fly east
Exhaling the thrills and forgetting the least
Wondering if we’d be together again
I will ever feel like I lost my best friend





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There’s no denying-  On this platform
These followers relying on my rainstorm
Hovered silence as masks, weird, frozen
Shut the doors and speak your poison
While licking diluted currents like hills cower
Shedding white motion as dark flavors sour
Hair flow sheets all promises let be the furry
I can’t see in this spotlight drowning my worry
I lost my words inside my forgetfulness, aww Shit
Where you were groaning grins and foolish wit
Hear the rainbow throw itself into the suns wish
Wondering why those eyes in my skull begin to twitch
Less fucked, motionless death frothing catastrophe
I could slip into your love and never see the beauty
Changed from incandescents into twilight banishing
Look at the air moving behind the raven’s vanishing
Are your dreams wading the winded resolve
Pushed in the clouds that have been absolved
On this platform- there’s no denying
We’re relying on following our rainstorm


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Think it’s time to send you a last good-bye dear
But I can’t find one to say
You got whispers in my mind they make me fill up
With tears I cry everyday
This vision I’m speaking of is got my mind fucked
With all my thoughts in the way
I think this time, I may just find that I am falling
There was a time before, the night would speak and,
I could fly through my way
I never thought there’d be a break in the weather and,
Now it feels wrong all day
She shines bright in all the pictures that I look at
They’ll always be in my head
Now we’re running on different roads, I can’t believe that
All our words have been said
This vision I’m speaking of is got my mind fucked
With all these thoughts in my way
I think this time she’ll be just fine that I’m falling
There was a time before, the night would speak and,
I could bathe in your gaze
I never thought there’d be a break in our weather and,
Now I see through your haze