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Bye bye bullshit
Hello everything else
It’s beginning to trend on walls
Like fish dying on the beach
The Sands loves to to stick around 
A hole is dug in mud to find its source
Feeble creators coming together (sweating)
Table beating with a knife
Children in shock with fear for fucking up
Death, such a slow walk just to get high
Wanting just to have her once to ask her her destinations
Ambitions of tomorrow (A shout across the land) Blankets
Monsters clashing in the graveyard abyss
Theaters of horny kissing lips sooo wet
And a dual rethought of a man on a bike
She had visions of snakes and man-eating birds
Couldn’t understand power or clarity, only
depressed dialogue of past interaction
Cliffs of stone, vines purple fruit
Foraging animals trying to feed themselves and their
offspring.  Mutant lisp of sold gold
Crazy horses galloping in repetition
As differences go, there are none
To think there are, is to go on never realizing
How much more everything is
Bye bye world
Hello everything else
Fever boils over then the days wink by
Love and peace- a distress bark
In the dark a spark of naked stoned eyes
Regrets in past none, only every piece of shit I shat
Dying alone, shall it only come that way
Moonbeams like candle horror
Fuckholes wet souls pungent aroma
Brothers, Sisters, enjoy the carnival rides
Take each one by the hand, remember my song
Dances of lighted currents
Smelling hot trembling discomfort
Nights to be crazy
Days to laugh at while mongers destroy
This bliss of world beauty
Encounters at the market watching beggars
Scramble for morsels of life
Scratching my balls to smudge ashes over
the enchanted south pyre- funeral flowers
Dogs fowl- correspondence- casual dress
At times of pain (always) I’ve tasted nocturnal
A Mojo to peace life
Indian sorrow flight of the eagle soaring
Predators disguise as sheets of war
Democracy shit Republican fuck
In this greed hell
Where’s you boss
Oh, he’s foraging in the field with all the other
monkeys of money
Orange skyline bite hordes of poems
May it inspire twilight love
Couches that smolder synchronicity
Television lies in the eyes of infant cries
Even this pen is as cold as the hand that inscribes
More jumble; mediocrity of commercial lingo
Hangman noose waiting
Devouring soft plush kisses to see the others
Just a whisper of wine to make the moment fine
Pills, acid, shrooms, what plagues next
In the room where sardonically freezing takes place
Hate the looseness of unfit clothing
Scattered on the dresser
Pages in lavender pearls- tears, them bastards
Itching hairs of puberty- combing cunts to lick
Disgusting words, only your imagination taunts them
Don’t fear; easy to say yeah
Easier to do
As long as the road you tread turns in all directions
Enjoy passion, romance, eyes of scarlet- doorbells
Calling in friends to a party- drunk slurping
Baseball heros?  No one
Terms, occasions, depths, fathoms, ocean waltz
Totem pole of peoples victory and defeat
I’ll be back in story books, letters, speech.  Thoughts,
worship, and painful tomorrows
Pictures sacred, vanished parlors, passages to enter
Timbers of forest groves
Blokes, a British encounter- maybe some tea
Travel-  a long bike ride to the store
Games to conquer, a relished warrior bides lonely
evenings.  Babble.  She was to have my children
She wished and vanished with the kids
Ended all possibilities of true wisdom- growth
Pebbles that talk like gardens of knowledge
So to another beauty- a wife
Calling her a goddess is not enough praise
Ladders to climb in the morning
Flowers in long hair- dirt piles
Bed and breakfast
Indulging folk-lore, wedding marches
Being trashed on the shore
Turmoil and a Kilfoil
No more dice or cards  Treachery
Hunger in the buds of the tongue or just bored
Seeing glowing faces
Disturbed lapses persuaded in lustful
Cadence- Plethora from muther makes me
Poison, waste site, reeks insanity
Deafness read cold lips- owls toy…
Pipes slowly feebling our twisted minds even more
Sagittarius or shit house
Zenith polish, venture morn into
Celebration.  Banshees tribal vigil
Dead horses, no more Crazy. No one must set foot in the
Burial ground or they shall join all
eternity in awful awareness
Tasting as scented woods
Once we awake in blood
We’ll slowly see the ways to dissolve mockery
Floating on a boat in the middle of a traffic jam
Cajun sailor, old man getting piddly wages
Notions from oceans of global guillotine
Ravens again calling to the door of your mind
Keep going she bawled at the dragon in his eyes
Lust my breath with your squirming regiment
Motor pool, the shaft of love, one eyed probing
Kepler’s boorish meaning freakiness
Blakes worship words in cemetary lull
Wordworth lisping delicate words in rhyme
Swollen teeth from night in the gallows
Energy lighted abortions/ madness
Over robust legends occur in mirth coolish gravel
Bed rocks, cakes of rain.  Masks of birth, life and death
Each one hiding the other from the seer’s penetrating
Superstitions cajole, black cats, broken mirrors
Foolish prowess, ancient steam from volcanic tremors
Mr Mojo Risen flying in between verses
A liquid ship with a sharp steel hollow tube giving weird
Demons in the breath of a shaman fire chant
Hello Hello entry to the shallow kingdom of formless
Dust ridden roads to hell’s open door
Flower paths where heaven’s plushness pours down
Or just crazed nightmare of a divine place to rest
Each one must send a signal to their power object
Licking on webs to fool around in the spider’s den
Cure my wrecked day with your tender love bite
Coo all carelessness.  Hold my fear, death and infinity
Good riddance, hope to see you on my side where
all visions and dreams are real
Well they’re real anyway so believe in the earth
Glorious horror and bleed in the fields of chaos
Don’t dwell in yesterday’s solemn gloat
He calls himself Plateau
There it is again, another slammed door
Painters humble daily routine- gotta get outta here
Lights magical rhubarb sweet smell of nectar
Coniferous deities, Carnivores like basking infants
Play-pen songs, lullabies, talks through lids of seeing
Loaded bowl a wait for religious spectacles
Her shoulders were soft as violets in a morning forest of
smiles.  She tore off her clothes to join the celebration
She listened for her ally that gave her all meanings
answers, beauty
Curled up in space:  moons, galaxies, planets, Earth’s families
Chief Hilltop Horizon Viewer, Richard’s memoir of
school yard Morrison tribes. Cobras.  No one dared.  they
were all to scared to dance with Jim.
I’ll be the next to martyr, doubt it
Snakes in the Glen, pits and open wounds
Brothels of sin, dignity pissers, external shame
Frothing in the realm of  sinecure
He’s just a horny jester from the queen’s prism
Quarter master labyrinth steel blade.  Pale lips
Whisper robin song in a hollow rotten tree
They got along even though their sex was never
Take the deafness and the chill
from my soaked mind.  Deviate sanctions
that cripple all wearisome fools.
She loved ancient myths of Greek gods. Asian
Pagodas, intrigue, valor, cadence. Pristine
ensemble.  Levitate monsters and bunnies creating
Folklore.  Tomorrow, Tomorrow it will be all over
Ha Ha Hey girl.  Ya you.  Kiss me in my elaborate
credence, flower my dreams with your passionate
howl.  Sweat all over my freaking corpse.
Twitching on plush blankets like mongrels
inspired by a cackling breeze.  Freeze our intimacy
Kneel down, take my friend, answer stiff
ambitions.  Devour his soul push him over the
cliff.  Ahhhhhh…
Wait forgiveness- quarries, ritual.  Dubs
making artists out of retarded ink blots
Shadow masks- tangent salvation, primrose
Poises, alabaster heartbreak
A game of conquer destruction-
Feeble warrior marked as lord
Insatible satire- Plagued
then rubbished away in a hole in the
ground.  Only to be remember for
all the good things.  When alive evil
is foretold.  No one really cares until
you’re dead.  Then they remember.
Bye Bye infinite valor
Hello everything else
Call me passionate
Call me blind
Eat my disaster
If you must find
An alternative pattern in which
You must gloat
Discreet moments which crush
Will turn life’s thought remote
HaCha dialogue
Change the dust to trust
Let us see the path  Let’s change the love to lust
I love
A beautiful sea
A sparkled sunshine
An evergreen tree
You in the night time
Sleeping next to me
I love
Holes in the horizon line
Ravens that call out
You in the day time
telling me what you’re about
Filling you with my slime
I love
A hearty stout
Rain, wet in the morn
Hot bodies as one
Your soft skin like a new-born
Children having fun
Us melting in the sun
Let’s run
I love you in the firelight
Your silhouette fondling
The blackest night
The sparks fly out of your eyes
Sending shrills up my spine
I can see you’re so divine
Now a change- offerings to impeccability- NOTHING
To float away on the pendulum of exotic mountain hordes
Flip the vinyl to become Relax
A piece of Bread, dead and of course Mother Freedom
Called us to be part of the wild rivers
Cotton bile while white torture smiles creeping
into a bag of sleep in an awkward wilderness spaz
Say listen to this note
Say hey what do you think of me now
say, don’t sit there and gloat
Say come over here let me kiss your brow
What Chyou thannk uv mee nowww
Decisions decisions so many to decide from
How can or how may it pass once you’ve gotten your
thoughts figured out.  Listen to the earth’s solemn prayer
A bottle of beer requires taste
a jug of wine involves romance/ sardonical prestige
A snub of cognac dissolves money-
Contracts, signatures, barrels of hate cradling tiny
roses- fortitude amphibious chatter, long legged girls
Tents popping, bones arthritis, mocking bird lunge
into indigo night.  Recreate all the legends the famous
particles of past, present, future.
A call from brother.  To be away is good for the return
party- Reunions are to tell stories, adventure, loves and
longings.  Inspirations for the next time.
Another album Please pick one and dance
Trying to be a poet?  Ha Fuck em.
Disturbing earthquakes in my skull so I lull at null
Foresight pictures,  Hey bitch and your mother fucking friend
that dudes an asshole-  No talking any more
Castaneda’s crow keeps killing my calm
Thank you
Now return to the stream where laughing wolves teach
wisdom.  Forget the fear, stand with clarity, use power to
over come old age
She said flank are cold in the raw avenue of rain
I corralled a noble fear; insignia Sandman to her
visions of Catholic prisms, a goat is on her mind now
What’s happening to me
Do I really SEE
Inside or outside or in between
The sixties are gone so is yesterday’s sorrow
No more vultures of intrigued death
The rest are minuscule dollar signs
To acquire future facsimiles-
She sold me a smoke-show that divided the
horizon’s frown.  that made me see her
favorite colors.  Her date was a simple shout
The day was three echos away
Her double came out in a horrendous monster’s breath fluttering
pussy.  Telling the big boss man how to appreciate a simple request
The man said sorry.  I laughed in his face and knew he’d
be tongue-tied.  To change the rage into a field of sweet
Sage with the coaxing of rampage
the cork flew off the bottle, we licked the rim
and moved to nostalgia.  Embryos of the evenings
dying sunshine, invading cities that glow in fluorescent shrieks.
Cartoon jollies of childhood Saturday TV sittings
laughing while eating cereal-  Latter young man
bright smiles- and Again now a man shaven faces
coiling winsome proverbs from lizard’s leathery
cold scales.  A trembled offering to gods, tangible
repetition-  Demented phone calls, peace benches, grass
under toes taking each step with comfortable grace
They made an animal for all occasions and
disciple the infants to become majestic feeders
Hunger bleeds the soul.  I’m surprised
we haven’t eaten everything.  I thirst for death
To live will quench it for now, but I’m still parched.
Journey we more into the perils of existence.  Toltecs
or frozen secrets.  Someone knows reasons to discreet
innocents.  Fucklords.  Jimson dainties.  Tobacco nostrils
She’s tall with long leg and a nice ass.  She’d be at peace by my side.
She’s short with blond dirt hair, with a western creature wishing she’d
pant on his neck and love his weird meanderings.  She’s got all freaky fire hair
Glued to the fuckin chair.  She shaved all hers off and dyed it orange. 
I’d have them all at my final lay
That works babe.  Idiot panthers, twilight puma
Scorpions venomous piss antler dust.
A car revved the engine to smolder ozone phosphorous
Badlands pink veiled turnstile.  Rip me into billions of
squirming fibers.  Blow me into the zenith master, so I
may evaporate all the stars that make madness out of the
Astronomy drum bantering longing for the answers
to their dwelling
Let the hippies smudge themselves in forfeit for changing their fucking minds
We’ve been bored.  Figured to let you know-
Bye Bye Heartless.
Hello everything else-


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Eagle Eagle wicked flight
Soaring high without might
Eagle Eagle power strewn you
Show me how wicked are you
Given light in birth
Madness and mirth
Tranquil shuttering moon
Flutter Flutter like a balloon
Crimson sun hues Earth
Raven Raven tortured soul
Changeling, mockery and a fool
Raven Raven wisdom blackens you
Show me what color are you
Translucent night in death
Sadness last breath
Chanting humbled runes
Hear your voice real soon
Flutter Flutter like a balloon
Omniscient Augur’s quest


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The augur built a fire
The wind pulled the flames
Swirling with the smoke, a rainbow
Frozen in the colors, an ancient story
The lore inspires a coyote
Crimson sun spoke to him throughout the day
He noticed this and smiled
The moon etched its rim over the thunderhead
Tandem owls hooted a friendly song
Eyes see in the night
Power turns men into callous warriors
Wind-burnt omen seeker
His freedom smiles at his death