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Come inside
Always seem to run and hide
Blow down
Running through my mind
Shout out
Break my love into the ground
Fucked doubts
Listen to the shattered sound
Let me run again
Let me run again..
I would fuck it up again and again
In my mind
Always getting blurred to me
This time
I’ll land somewhere in clarity
Then I’ll do it again and again
My turn to lend a hand to a friend
Feel this inside
Let writhe your scorched mind
Until I’ve died
I’ll be right where you can find
I know when
You came into my reality
I’m hard to be
Strapped to my clarity
Let me live again
Let me live again…
Let me fuck it up again and again
I feel a kind
A bit shadowed and surreal
In a time
I stretched out far to feel
And I’ll do it again and again
Until I lend a hand to a friend