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Posted in poetry with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on June 25, 2010 by ravenstooth
When I’m swimming in the sunlight
Or when I’m sleeping in the rain
You have your love surrounding me
There’s never any reason to complain
Dream away
Dream away
I may never feel the river
When it flows right under me
I could dream a thousand dreams
Would they ever help me see
Get some sleep
This path is always changing
And there is nothing I can do
I always hoped you’d save me
Every time I think about you
These thoughts will only witness
All my dreams that are new
And my river’s always drifting
Every time I think about you
Catching lighted star falls
Lying on dew wet grass
Give your breaths in silence
As you let your fears all pass
Dream away
Dream away
The river echos violence
Smoothly passing by
The stars that fall
I can see them in your eyes
Close your eyes
This journeys always changing
What is it you want to do
If love is all that will save me
Why do I think about you
These thoughts will just diminish
As my dreams fly away too
My river’s always changing
Every time I think about you
This life is always changing
No matter what I do
My love will never save me
That’s why I think about you
My thoughts just have no business
And these dreams are fucked too
I would want my life to be changing
Every time I think about you
Dream of love
Dream of love