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Open my wild eyes, here is the wanderings
No thoughts could destroy my surroundings
Corroding in the green grass that blows
All around in the turning wind flows
I can dream like a little child, all snug and fresh
The hot dry air whips as the long reeds slap my flesh
I’m grown up tall, see my head fall, wish this way, hoping that way
Shut my brain down and let the highway inside ride empty
Getting all the you should and quit doing that
The one that fits my trip without all my tires going flat
Nobodys fault as alone as that blame is
I will be the one to see myself  turn him into his
Here in the life time period called human secret search
Muttering jousted emotion into a river stretched with birch
I have my moonlight, in that scream during twilight
I metamorphosis into a breathing compass striking directions in colorless white


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loose fingers died
this caveman
and cried
languid and rose
his ocher
his prose
begging for the
coming sun’s nose
he froze
once witnessing
a wilderness
to hide
lost to eternities
quite calm
and in his palm
a realm for


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Red lights flash in the heart that hidden finds
Perfect balances in the distinct colored sign
I’m full boasted in imaginations and stockings lined
Once memory was a reality until sands became blind
Now here is the fruited resin pure thrilled from behind
The pleasure unfolds as if they only touched true kind
A double, laid music, laid thoughts, a strength, a spirit, to unwind
Fly away into the decaying red sunset with warmth in mind
I have these glimpses to soothe my enormous heavy time
With something to smile at when there seems only rhyme
Candy red apples all sticky on the lips as delicious as red wine
What could be more drastic and in comparison to this grind
I have here a section to lend out once the fear has been mined
The stripes like liquid dreams bound in tightly fixed binds
Lovely to see the winter isn’t lacking the danger or mystery one climbs
In the east the new days reddish glow steams frozen heat like vines
The soft breeze whips calmly in thrashes and puffs light air tines
I can smell the thousands of water holes that laughter sips and dines
Wearing hot red, eyes so as to see the black and blue that does just fine