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Outside the world is lit
With outstretched and flowering
Dawn’s intention drowns the night
Sounding simple interesting
Wake dimensions lingering
Falling for the waded moments
Triangled visionings
Sounds are resigned by our fascinations
The white is radiant
Look to horror
Signal fires laugh at me
Warriors dressed in spring beckoning
Death imposing threatening
We divulge into the forest
Burning home the frozen wonder
See the devil mock the heavens
Watching women walk together
Seeing all that has yet to come
Some day you’ll get your shit
Letting brothers strangle loving
See once more the wild repress
Wait a moment the rain is falling
Soul drained into wet
Here the river floods our weakness
Driven to the ocean’s fret
Summoning life’s mute bleakness
I saw the crows come in
And they searched for days in mountains
Here they are tired and spent
Feathers loose and molting
There’s no way to describe
The perfect circle or heron’s vie
A feeble one will try to place
Their hands upon the mirror’s face
And reaching for the blinking eye
They hold themselves way up high
Capturing the season to come
A twenty-eight winter or a load for some
There was a time that they shut their mouth
And seeked the mansions and headed south
We could be honored at our bed
With roses and lilies that wilt when dead
As for the rest of time we will not see
The days are just as long in infinity
She’ll touch your wisdom
Her finger tips
Wipe the ancient across your visions
Celebrate her aged pleasures and lips
Soon to belong to destiny
The fate is motion like the river
Cascading boroughs before long ago
The water’s entity is quick as silver
Staring serenely into an empty ally
the ghosts are presiding in the hot liquid folly
Your dance in the myote brings out the coyote
You strike the death eyes blank and power
She weeps at the blank stare for hours and hours
No one home where the polished cars park
The carpets are dirty and so is the dark
Ominous reeds in milky puddled thrush
Seconds before fucking the waters will gush
We wake at noon with the time spinning around
Like the sound of happiness peeking our found
Whose to guide the mystery boxed future
With the fluttering inside the stomach’s torture
Just let it out, the paper doesn’t mind
As for the pen and ink-
They are color-blind


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Distance plagues us
As we are legends in our own mind
We never had a chance
To resurrect the distant moment in our time
So we are now plagued in the wasted resin
And waking up in dreamt vomit to begin
The days are weak malice protruding hollow
Who becomes champion in the distant lavender
We will perish the fortress and wind up licking salamanders
The frozen skies drown the hurricane’s tongue
These new machines call us connected
But we become further in our awakened water
Here we sit mocking existence
Laughing at wishes
Spiraling into realms of boredom
Trusting the wants but pushing away the needs
Higher we climb the aborted monument
The flag flies there, a burnt echo of broken misery
Attached to the flowers secrete wisdom
Overlooked by scenery and decisions
Whose fall will pick the other one up
Repeat the effects of stoned guesses
The horse rides head high, mane whispering
An overly outstretched hand gets a slap from distance
The plague rots inside and hovers like wild penetration
We cry for our try, and see the end reaching us
We’ll die alone broken by wonder and retreat
The plague becomes like a brother or sister
Not lover or intimate discovery
Which dissolves the glue that bound the past
The future is for infinity to decide
We lend our positive monsters only to have distance plague us
See you in the distance dancing bare-breasted
Holding the plague as it waters you
Let it go, let it go
Then we’ll know that time is the shower casting rainbows
Delicate and silent
Sleep well in the distance
We will never survive the plague
Unless we speak with honest medicine


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Pressed the winter to snow me
Bearing trust with white
Could the dreams come only
Without all of the fright
As the world starts to window
Through the clear glass pretend
Not to allow the shadows
If only I saw a friend
Have you shown
When you ask me to come here
Would you give me life again
Or will I cry… until my end
Summer’s breath wilts the tall grass
Weeply drowning in heat
If I held out til I pass
Will my death be so neat
As when wilderness haunts you
Deeply lost in despair
If the sweet meadow does taunt you
Would you lose all your care
And I’ve known
When you ask me to draw near
Would you give me life again
Or will I cry… until my end


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Touching the ocean
What a thing for your mind
As you are floating
What are the things you’ll find
You drift like wood
Weathered and smooth
The energy will flood
Into every single groove
Your feet grasp
As the soft sand scratches
Your worries laugh
As the ocean air patches
Waving to the wind
Your long hair whips
With Earth as your friend
You become the ellipse
Your echo is droned
As waves climb the coast
Your awareness toned
And silence is a ghost
Unto the ocean
Let time wash away
There is no potion
That can make you feel this way
Nature’s energy
Is all you need
And what’s left of me
Is what I will feed


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As you haunt me like some instrument of sound
I heard the wind mix symmetry in the pleasures you found
When demons drain you of your wisdom soft down
I feel you shadow my inner vision blending all the yellow into brown
Would you get the fuck out of my surround
After this night I’m not here
I could vanish and who would care
Who would really care
You could drain me from the bottom
You have seen me drown before
And your water laughs some more
Slipstream the vacuum hot gathering black doom
Once there’s a fountain that brought peace way too soon
You could be frantic and sadness in your room
As rainstorms are musing that never are a full moon
Stand on the reasons that make you feel this love
You’ll never change my mind there’s nothing I think of-for you
Give a fuck
Good fucking luck
Laden horror
My thoughts get stuck
Throwing memories into the river
Bitch got drunk
My heart just sunk
Made me puke
Without being drunk
Now there’s nothing for me to give her
The edge of the cliff
The cliff
It’s getting thinner
Coulda been good huh?
Yeah, someone told me I count my own numbers
Back into the wilderness to gaze away
The birds fly into the city every day
Where streets are filled with people’s pain
I wonder if it’s gonna rain
As the sun smiles upon my brain
The echo of cloud seems so insane
Perhaps our lives spin down the drain
When we worry about that rain
Why don’t we watch the birds all say
As they speak while we gaze away
The summer’s kiss will take its run
Winter’s bliss is about to come
Drafts are weeping inside someone
Death is on my left, a full moon at night
Fear is a woman in shiny eyes
Milky tears and bloody thighs
Killed the whisper as she drowns in cries
When walking with ghosts she sees them in the light
Fuckin Right!!
His white is becoming brighter
He sheds his lasting moments
Walking with the flow
When he has no place to wonder why
He’ll just have to get used to getting by
With no reply
Angels in the hour-glass
Talking silence Withered alliance
What part of divine does the mask speak defiance
Let be the awkward slip into the tomb
Where infinity resists the residue
Walking with the flow Walking with the flow Walking with the flow
What do we know?
To get to where our bodies writhe, if all we need to do is eat- and breathe- and lie
Then I’ll die…


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If I turned to your desire
Would you hold me like a feather
Justify the hidden space- gaze
Letting me go inside your stormy weather
I choose thirty days to make or break
To be without the flight in my feather
My feather walks away thrilling sides to shine my lake
The dirty wondering sets my body into shakes
While smiles lend out just to see your storm again
You blizzard me
Then you hold my wings as to let me fall, push me on the wind as I stand tall then give a call
Your feather floats to me
Plucked from storms persuaded
Your legend forests me
In the wild our flight invaded
As my wind flew right into the vicious sun again
With eyes trembling like they do when I touch the wind
Your formless
Touched heavens
Flew away
My feather stayed
We never waved
I could catch you
As my feather lays
And still you
You blizzard me
My world begins here
Into your storms
I lived these years how
My feather falls
As you turn around
I see the calm is near
You touch my gliding fear
You pick up and hand me my feather
You hand me my feather
As we take the sky
Our burning wings now fly
All the storms have died
I see the calm is near now
And our fears died
We’re alright
We’re alright
We’re alright
Your formless
Touched heavens
Flew away
My feather stayed
We never waved
I could catch you
As my feather lays
And still you
You blizzard me


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My legs weak indecision desolate worlds known
Like days that end in silence I’m sure I’m alone
To fear… When days drown… To hear love open
To self absorb into a lingering omen
There is a shadow searching someone
You’re breathing me
You’re breathing me
You’ve breathed in me
You’ve breathed in me
The tranquil moments opt in pleasure and plighting
The wind flows dreams of darkness and eroding
Led weeping into intent, pushed through to possible calm
This shadow mocks my boredom, from my palm
Like times when no sun saw them, she makes me feel so young again
Without the weak indulgence, we may never feel the end
From up above me I hold
There the dry sun smell
Unto the moon’s cry told
We’d create our life in hell
As we slip from the sun
To make our distance be known
We could dive right in
There is nothing we have shown
There is nothing we’ve shown
There is nothing we’ve shown
There is nothing we’ve shown
There is nothing left to own
We let the fine lines follow and go
To edge the comforts bought today
To open up the wind’s wicked flow
There could be an opal lighting the way
Let the image pass right in
Until there is no more dead-end
Share the last life breath
As you breath me that’s when I descend
Then you hold my soul
Let the wind take control
As too the weak desolate worlds go
As my eyes close I am the flow
There is nothing we’ve shown
There is nothing we’ve shown
There is nothing we’ve shown
There is nothing left to own


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Bare witness to my noia
I hold intrigue and show ya
How to feel my days ago
While here to those days I owe
I would be anywhere-
Even when Lights glumly glow
With such admiration to bestow
As I gaze out a care-
I arranged for such accommodations
The little sliver of my might
To exceed my best expectations
Like seeing calico in the night
Webbed like my ought, ought to be
My petroleum dissolved inside of me
I shook when I loved only to be free
For my self I must live in my infinity
Take earth by it’s wild submission
Daunted lips cry withered in birch
Treading like wolves with crisp inner vision
Lifetimes of Venus crawled in it’s search
This greige plateau obsolete wrenched presence
The wine magic burns charcoal saturation
Looms prism furry language whispering in essence
As dawn beckons humid for the duration
I sat down among her breath arching feather
Down with each light winded blow of weather
Up as her spirit echo’s in dreams and visions together
I winged bleary into her tears of colored heather
Solid, enter white, shine like jointing, covered in flame
The crimson flowers her floor forest wisdom and name
Dissipate is such her oread toward her unconscious tame
Ocellate whispers stream differential fret across her acclaim
Frontiersmen declined and boughten
Sieged alone through attrition and death
There lie the richer thief blessed wroughten
Lift these forests inside each lost breath
Look halfly through the chopped up trees
When we wish today when we see the way
Her garden beauty slick paths among please
As words trickle like showers and spirits play
Every bright watered sunshine fly east
Exhaling the thrills and forgetting the least
Wondering if we’d be together again
I will ever feel like I lost my best friend





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In our lives we settle for the order
So our thoughts can have some border
A fear we let grow older
Have to breathe the sunlight or our darkness shines alone
Pushing through our mindless interruptions
Our formlessness is guided
Our decisions never minded
Hopes and dreams are blinded as our future is unknown
When we scream there’s no one there to help us feel alone
In our visions
No one hears you cry
No one tells you why
Your truth becomes left out
In our visions
There is where you see
The truth you are seeking
No time to fear your doubt
Once you decide to strike the charge, your sadness becomes aloof
Whilst the others try to fuck with you, their madness is your proof
Fly like birds, our disenchanted actions
As we groove with satisfaction
The world is our attraction
As we breathe the sunlight our darkness sleeps in its shallow moan
See the time we drive away our memory
Like falling toward our grasp
We slip right through the traps
Mocked the moon as we laugh with the sun shining on our known 
We are just like prisms, shedding light our darkness hasn’t shown
In our visions
We’re tattered and torn
We’re shattered and worn
No one can hear you shout
In our visions
Is where you will see
And past your infinity
There is nothing there for you to doubt
In this debate of timeless truth
There is no more time to lose
As life strides on by we still wonder why
Our darkness becomes our muse


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well it’s time i cried into the endless sea
i’ll let the waves carry me
away where ever it may be
while I float into the horizon i may just see
my journey drown silently
as the tide returns each day cordially
my tears will melt
in the sunset
like the day we left
as we wept
and like how we felt
as the waves swept
i’ll drift away with the endless sea
lost in my infinity
alone where no one will find me
where memories become far and few
for my heart and soul feel blue
like the ocean’s reflective azure
my solid ground
is nowhere to be found
the only sound
are the fears around
my thoughts that astound
the emptiness i’ve drowned
if i were to let it all go into the endless sea
then it will never swallow or envelope me
smooth like a piece of driftwood floating aimlessly
i could wash up where someone would find me
pick me up and carry me to their destiny
for that journey is guided unfathomably