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My invisible eyes now can see
They dream of light and discovery
Once they saw a meadow serene
And across the valley a mountain stream
I opened them, for the birds had a song
They would sing it to me all day long
Their tune sent shivers down my spine
I would hum along with them in my mind
I can touch the sight without loosing my way
That’s when I woke and saw you one day
My invisible eyes lent out the world
And you smiled as my thoughts unfurled
You kissed me with your wilderness glow
Then dance in my head like a new rainbow
Your crimson hair flying in the breeze
It’s a pleasure to see you and apiece
Now spoken, our life stories unravel
Like time was uncovered in our loose gravel
As we kick at the cobbles that mean the most
Then pick up the unique stones we really boast
My invisible eyes come out to be seen
As we strike out into this world of green
Our sights we’ll add to our pile of rocks
Each one telling our memory as it talks
We could believe in something that we hold dear
Together a new start is nothing we should fear
The light draws into these dreams we think of
For my eyes aren’t invisible when they see love


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Distance plagues us
As we are legends in our own mind
We never had a chance
To resurrect the distant moment in our time
So we are now plagued in the wasted resin
And waking up in dreamt vomit to begin
The days are weak malice protruding hollow
Who becomes champion in the distant lavender
We will perish the fortress and wind up licking salamanders
The frozen skies drown the hurricane’s tongue
These new machines call us connected
But we become further in our awakened water
Here we sit mocking existence
Laughing at wishes
Spiraling into realms of boredom
Trusting the wants but pushing away the needs
Higher we climb the aborted monument
The flag flies there, a burnt echo of broken misery
Attached to the flowers secrete wisdom
Overlooked by scenery and decisions
Whose fall will pick the other one up
Repeat the effects of stoned guesses
The horse rides head high, mane whispering
An overly outstretched hand gets a slap from distance
The plague rots inside and hovers like wild penetration
We cry for our try, and see the end reaching us
We’ll die alone broken by wonder and retreat
The plague becomes like a brother or sister
Not lover or intimate discovery
Which dissolves the glue that bound the past
The future is for infinity to decide
We lend our positive monsters only to have distance plague us
See you in the distance dancing bare-breasted
Holding the plague as it waters you
Let it go, let it go
Then we’ll know that time is the shower casting rainbows
Delicate and silent
Sleep well in the distance
We will never survive the plague
Unless we speak with honest medicine


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Lost in your world
South is your soul
Holding unprepared
There is more than getting old
You fell off of the whirlpool in your tearful eyes
As you seem so weak
And can’t begin to speak
I feel you
Lost in your world
Laughed at all your fun
Now there’s nothing left
You might as well become
You spun out of the spiral with no wind to ride
Lost in your world
See me with your soul
Hold me deep inside
Until we both have cried
You’re torn out of a tornado in your whipping mind


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Nothing’s ever a waste of time
To learn from what you find
Even when it’s a hard road to climb
It’s never a waste of time
As you can possibly see
When you’re crying to me
That I’m there if you need
A someone who will heed
And it’s times like these
That seem hard to believe
As we’re weak in our knees
But we’ll never beg to please
And I know you can see
Yeah I told you you’re free
As your wings begin to freeze
Over life’s stormy seas
You know I’d do what I can
To help you with your plan
But you must make your way
And then do what you say
Even though I’ll lend my hand
Your choice is yours to stand
Without getting in the way
The sun keeps coming everyday
Nothing’s ever a waste of time
Even when you have peace of mind
But even that road is hard to climb
It’s never a waste of time


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All along there’s a dream giving you haste
As you float naturally without leaving your place
And when you wake up all those pieces seem to be deliriously strewn
Your mind clears up from what you had
There’s never really anything to make you mad
And in these funny dreams, your visions mock and act out these scenes
And the mountain starts to shake
Walks in between 
Our echoed dream
All the leaves fall and touch the ground
Some float by without making a sound
And if you pick one up, you can hear the green turn to red or orange or yellow or brown
And as time goes by they start to decay
The grass will grow tall in its own special way
And the trees will start to leave throughout the spring and become the perfect color green
And the mountain startS to shake
Paints in between
Our wild dream
And if you look out of your window now
Your time is past without ever knowing how
And the days crawl on between the dusk and the dawn, and keep going on and on and on
You shed a tear here and a smile there
Your love grows and you hate’s unfair
But you decide whatever you want, but remember your reactions are yours to taunt
And the mountains start to shake
Speaks in between
Our beautiful dream


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Fly high til it frees you
Your wandering astray
Your mind is your echo
There is no other way
Seek until the moon calls
Soak the rain clouds
Let your world creep up inside you
Silence is talking about you
Wind lets you see
Your wilderness will show
And dream infinity
Fears will water your every flow
Send up a fire smoke show
Where the wind goes
As your crazy thoughts still guide you
Silence is laughing right at you
Love is never-ending, never dead
Weeping and doubting
Even after all the hate’s been bled
We’re keeping on shouting yeah…
In eyes that are seeing
No more tears to rain
As lives become veering
Lovely days of pain
Speak up to cloud falls
Wipe your visions
Watch the world become your Raven
Silence is this pain you’re saving
Silence is leashing your behaving
Silence is this pain you’re saving
Silence is what your engaged in
Silence is this pain you’re saving
Silence is laughing right at you
Silence is talking about you…


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Watch her sip glass from the whiskey laugh bath
True tales to begin,
Hold short the miles fly fast
Digging with a grin…
One day the sun will fade
So will the moon
As we leap out of shade
Before it’s too soon
Sit down your mind from the water that’s standing
We’ll watch how the flies fill the air as we’re landing
With her hair milky blue the aurora is drooling
The ancient clouds hiss as our eyes become fooling
One day the sun will fade
So will the moon
As we seek out of shade
One day the sun will fade
So will the moon
As we fade in the charade
Before it’s too soon
Let out the lost as light brightens your world
As you were saved there
Give to the wild as life gave you later
Til the blue colors your hair
If touching me is the pain that you seek you will die there like the sun
Wishing for the simple gentle careless selfless eyes that cry
Smokey dreams inside her pity
Let weary wrought be gone
Somewhere in this lonely city
There may never be a love so strong
Where did I ever go wrong
Where did I ever go wrong
Smokey dreams…


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My legs weak indecision desolate worlds known
Like days that end in silence I’m sure I’m alone
To fear… When days drown… To hear love open
To self absorb into a lingering omen
There is a shadow searching someone
You’re breathing me
You’re breathing me
You’ve breathed in me
You’ve breathed in me
The tranquil moments opt in pleasure and plighting
The wind flows dreams of darkness and eroding
Led weeping into intent, pushed through to possible calm
This shadow mocks my boredom, from my palm
Like times when no sun saw them, she makes me feel so young again
Without the weak indulgence, we may never feel the end
From up above me I hold
There the dry sun smell
Unto the moon’s cry told
We’d create our life in hell
As we slip from the sun
To make our distance be known
We could dive right in
There is nothing we have shown
There is nothing we’ve shown
There is nothing we’ve shown
There is nothing we’ve shown
There is nothing left to own
We let the fine lines follow and go
To edge the comforts bought today
To open up the wind’s wicked flow
There could be an opal lighting the way
Let the image pass right in
Until there is no more dead-end
Share the last life breath
As you breath me that’s when I descend
Then you hold my soul
Let the wind take control
As too the weak desolate worlds go
As my eyes close I am the flow
There is nothing we’ve shown
There is nothing we’ve shown
There is nothing we’ve shown
There is nothing left to own


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My love washed up on the hot white shore
And drowning in all my fear
As dawn breaks through the morning clouds
I wonder why am I here
I walk upon the soft and drifted sand
With wind blowing, burning my face
I contemplate the days ahead
As the waves break and then displace 
The future, will be up to me
Like the eagle, soaring high and free
In the distance, the ocean’s infinity
And my love will be given cautiously
Yes my love will be given cautiously
Yes my love will be given cautiously
I see beyond the mist and haze
This timeless beach will unveil
I turn to see my previous days
As the waves wash away my trail
Wondering if, will never mend
The footsteps that you have left
I turn back toward my timeless friend
Knowing there is a limit to my quest
My love walks down this lonely beach
Will wander with my fear
My shadow elongates an unseen reach
I wonder how close is near
The ocean’s wind, strikes up the sand
And roughly burns my face
I contemplate the days at hand
As my life I seek and then displace
The future, will be up to me
Like the eagle, soaring high and free
If I make it like the ocean’s infinity
And my love will be given tremendously
Yes my love will be given tremendously
Yes my love will be given tremendously


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I could give you silence
But would you even care
You smile with defiance
Even when I’m not there
There are nights in the sunset
If there was time to stare
As the water lands to run wet
In our disposable impair
I could lend my freedom
I cloud your night sky black
I cop a feel for your kingdom
I hold an image when you turn back
There is the doorway
The morning floats heavy
Sides fall inward sway
How the volume is wavy
Drive into the wild wish
The hills grow its breath
As the wind makes its wisp
We plunge head first out of the nest
No turning back now
Your limits are weary
We saw the fallen we allow
As us as creatures act dreary