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In a blink and I am gone
With a wink and a song
To feel so low it’s open to me
Only able to grow and be free
I want to die and shout
But I cry and face my doubt
Thoughts are muttering in my mind
My heart is fluttering in what I will find
With your back toward me now
I will attack without knowing how
This entry may be my last
Get on with my life it’s coming fast


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Gonna have a real good time
They say it won’t hurt either
The stimulation peaks a genuine roll
Speaking in the personal passionate invention
Yikes, the flash of freedom is staring into the sea
Economy folds the waiting in hunger
Hear my song and waiting to come along
This is a new moon flushed currents
Now I’m still waiting without spring
Spreading the poetry willfully like burnt whistles
Really need you in this forced meandering forest lure
What can I do to determine the epicenter trembling gust
Exhale the directions, inhale the dust, blow out recourse
All must worship Earth’s bare naked trip
Her blood rising in tunnels and caves
All glory, sadness and thighs, her mind perspires knowing
The ghosts crawl back into the murky wombs inherited by foolish humans
Terrified shores as their peril is a dictation in master fabrications
Her blue Sunday was the only one in the world
Awaiting the tender times and seeking death as a pronounced friend
I could smoke the awkward heat and bathe without air
She is the horizon azure in a prisms of metamorphosed ghouls 
Strength adding in the ships current walk
I can see the words you long for like beaten dreams
I’m running low on mystery, my tongue withering
My eyes can’t spy into the house of love
I searched the roads and turned the piles over
I know all the fear and the weekends all frozen
I can see you what you do and I love and know
A meadow comes to view, ash clouds, supple wind hush
The frontier and Indians swirl midnight trance- Formless
Naked to the earth gods the maker the mother the tears
I have to be gone.  Never to be or seen.
The old blues man you need to understand
Tell them all to follow the white raven into ever last perching
Just take my hand the wonder is complete as in feathers
Growing high the time to lead buried fortunes chapped windy blur
It all just me, the west was here the east was there and the north was south
Going down, now there is the worship coming on spanked and modeled
I’m a vast inquiry searcher and madman to words that verge
Like an itch the corner block is the laughing-stock trickery
A phone booth changeling the murder now pretense
And we were together anyway in the evening I’d give back to you
And your mind the soft think and wonder, I cry- play it brother
Ever consider the grizzly bear the world as a savior
Do you remember the pain and there is never going to be one
A chance anyway her writing pleasure and I’m alone for you in the meadows
Sure Thing it’s amazing
My heart is wild the child cool as a kiss on the face
Our nature belongs to forged lunatic night
Come be the hunger and in your eyes freedom is born
It’s always a matter of time hanging from this wire transmission porthole
Who can take what I cannot and keep on dreaming


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Eagle Eagle wicked flight
Soaring high without might
Eagle Eagle power strewn you
Show me how wicked are you
Given light in birth
Madness and mirth
Tranquil shuttering moon
Flutter Flutter like a balloon
Crimson sun hues Earth
Raven Raven tortured soul
Changeling, mockery and a fool
Raven Raven wisdom blackens you
Show me what color are you
Translucent night in death
Sadness last breath
Chanting humbled runes
Hear your voice real soon
Flutter Flutter like a balloon
Omniscient Augur’s quest


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Aha, aha ha
My wonderful,
Precious gifts are found inside;
You speak with fantasy,
And  can see the eagle’s pronouncing glide.
Aha, aha
My lost soul,
Empty minded luxuries gone;
I toss vocabulary,
And ride upon a silhouette of a swan.
Aha, ah
My simplicity,
Eager to touch your intent;
I’ll remember wisdom,
And hold it until I’m unbent.
My creature,
Only you have the fear;
Caress my lament,
And let love be as sincere.
My inspiration,
You devoured all of life’s malice;
I wish you well,
And may we always seek freedom’s palace.


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Eagle catches air; glides in tune
Fluttering each feather in his beautiful plume
I’m so sad to have to stand and stare
For I can’t fly, I know it’s unfair
Talking, saying hello, good day or like wise
The world is organic then it dies
Perished, polished, unfamilar dreams
Twinkled time takes the place of screams
So I ask the eagle when he lands on my shoulder
What is it like to soar over this boulder
He replies with a shine in his eye
There’s more to life than being able to fly
If you’d like, just give it a try