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Distance plagues us
As we are legends in our own mind
We never had a chance
To resurrect the distant moment in our time
So we are now plagued in the wasted resin
And waking up in dreamt vomit to begin
The days are weak malice protruding hollow
Who becomes champion in the distant lavender
We will perish the fortress and wind up licking salamanders
The frozen skies drown the hurricane’s tongue
These new machines call us connected
But we become further in our awakened water
Here we sit mocking existence
Laughing at wishes
Spiraling into realms of boredom
Trusting the wants but pushing away the needs
Higher we climb the aborted monument
The flag flies there, a burnt echo of broken misery
Attached to the flowers secrete wisdom
Overlooked by scenery and decisions
Whose fall will pick the other one up
Repeat the effects of stoned guesses
The horse rides head high, mane whispering
An overly outstretched hand gets a slap from distance
The plague rots inside and hovers like wild penetration
We cry for our try, and see the end reaching us
We’ll die alone broken by wonder and retreat
The plague becomes like a brother or sister
Not lover or intimate discovery
Which dissolves the glue that bound the past
The future is for infinity to decide
We lend our positive monsters only to have distance plague us
See you in the distance dancing bare-breasted
Holding the plague as it waters you
Let it go, let it go
Then we’ll know that time is the shower casting rainbows
Delicate and silent
Sleep well in the distance
We will never survive the plague
Unless we speak with honest medicine


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When I’m swimming in the sunlight
Or when I’m sleeping in the rain
You have your love surrounding me
There’s never any reason to complain
Dream away
Dream away
I may never feel the river
When it flows right under me
I could dream a thousand dreams
Would they ever help me see
Get some sleep
This path is always changing
And there is nothing I can do
I always hoped you’d save me
Every time I think about you
These thoughts will only witness
All my dreams that are new
And my river’s always drifting
Every time I think about you
Catching lighted star falls
Lying on dew wet grass
Give your breaths in silence
As you let your fears all pass
Dream away
Dream away
The river echos violence
Smoothly passing by
The stars that fall
I can see them in your eyes
Close your eyes
This journeys always changing
What is it you want to do
If love is all that will save me
Why do I think about you
These thoughts will just diminish
As my dreams fly away too
My river’s always changing
Every time I think about you
This life is always changing
No matter what I do
My love will never save me
That’s why I think about you
My thoughts just have no business
And these dreams are fucked too
I would want my life to be changing
Every time I think about you
Dream of love
Dream of love


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From where I begun
To where I’ll be done
I’ll have to be someone
Light the edge on fire
And dance in the middle
Let the flames get higher
As they burn, you giggle
Lie here wet under cloud
The echos of thunder flood
I smell earth’s humid aloud
Signs deep trickle falling ago
Watching fireflies scratch the air
The summer seeks its life ego
As the dryness thins all water there
I hear the earth calling me
It’s saying fly and be free
I talk back speaking quietly
As to not disturb her riot spree
Flinging me into days yet seen
I would hover like a hummingbird
Slipping my tongue in what’s been
By distressing my absorbing running word
Collecting mindless tries
In these tears in my eyes
They tumble-down the side
Of my face that my hands collide
As I wonder prisonly at why
My mind empties the pain I cry
When all it would take for me to fly
Is for my shadow to open my try
Send me to a peace of earth…Sigh


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There was a time that I wasn’t sure
I hope that you would remember
Of the time that we spent together
I’ve let in some light to guide you this way
My heart is so strong so you can hold on
Am I asking too much before it’s all gone
Please you, please you, I’d please you, please you
I see you staring into my door
I hold you in like a dreamer
As you slip away I can’t keep her
My mind is chasing to hear your call
I’m caught in an echo that you can’t see
Will you ever want to be near me
Please me, please me, you please me, please me
You changed my direction like before
I never learned how to love you
How can I ask for your love too
I hope that one day we’ll try to remember
Of the time that we had spent together
Because today it brightens my weather
Please me, please me, I’d please you, please you


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All too familiar, all too strange
One way or forever these dreams become staged
The light echos hollow among the sullen earth
Her shadow is wings beating life into worth
She screams for the sun to warm her tears
To alleviate the flooded calm she fears
Darkness piles madness into wilderness
She fleets into her aura and fumbles her tenderness
His shadow rains upon the silent ground
His strength is vision and is infinite bound
She turns to glimpse his power and gains her wisdom
Her fear becomes death and waits until he sees his come
Infinite world, please let me touch the girl
She’s so free, hope one day she’ll fly with me
I’ll intrigue,  when her beauty follows her lead
She’s so free, maybe she’ll want to give it to me
Raven’s song, makes the sunshine shimmer so long
In my head, she’s the one for me til I’m dead
In the trees the wilderness gleams
Like metamorphosis beckons, redeems
Her limelight hardened and tranquil
Resonating willful shades of amber
The forest summoning life breeds wet
The creatures opt fright blankets their fret
A shrill echos lost in wild open chaos
As the night boroughs across
Like the soft pillowed cushion of moss 
Infinite girl, please let me touch your world
You fly so free, come down and rescue me
I’ll intrigue, and give you all that you need
You fly so free, take me to where we will see
Your raven’s song, makes our will become strong
In my head, you’ll be with me til I’m dead


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Wear it on your sleeve
A branch without a leaf
You sway into and then out
Shut down when so much about
Higher you reach to hold
You’ve vanished into the cold
How pleasure brought you here
Now this time all you have is fear
Those tears roll right down
Like a desert absorbs a cloud
You’re reasons seem to have spoiled
As for love there is nothing left toiled
I’ll keep sweeping up the floor
Until my sun shine opens my door
I’ve been searching for my double
So far I’ve held on to trouble
I’d get a kick out of the moon’s eyes
When I wake alone staring into night skies
I’ll walk languidly unto this new path
With one sigh a vision and my breath…
Echoing my laugh


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Watch her gypsy across the world
Wild, like tormented bison
Hooves and lost efflorescence
Her domain paged surreal
Powder jimson alluring white night
Age caressing her soft glow
Sleek shriek eyed honey scent
Green garden sticky smoke
Watch out she’ll catch you crying
She’ll thumb your presence
With weird morbid magnetosphere
Using her thievery when your soul is exposed
Gripping the extreme fringes torn weeping
She’ll gypsy into your heart
Feeding on your love and leave tasteless
Closing the door on her battered hitch
Horses flee in crimson sky lavished weed
She’ll float your love until the chips are gone
In the eyes of her smile her world will gypsy away
Inching even closer when her caravan shelters under your window
As you peer out to see the flowers blooming
A screech shutters the drive intoxicating memories
You touch her gypsy, lapping your way into her travel
She frees herself with power and determination
Echoing her gypsy across the world into your thoughts
Banter banter boom you love her gypsy
Glued in the web which water pools opposed
Right there before your eyes
You gotta gypsy into her wild bison
Do what it is you gotta do
Casual nightmare pleased to feel the doors open
I’ve journeyed into her gypsy
Bit the entire world with euphoric pleasure
As I became her gypsy like a crazy wild bison
Roaming free inside her I crashed her distant land
My burning empty sun collides with the moon
Falling in the web again, stuck in glass shadow fright
I call out to her gypsy and learn my hope in to never come home
Stranger pronged my florescence deep and imbuing
Glistening whirlpool on the eternity road
I enter the crossroad hand in hand with her gypsy
She let’s go and vanishes in a slight wind silhouetted wisp of dust
I now carry my load, my piece of mind, my searching, my lost thoughts
My wild bison
Burn slowly-
My gypsy