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A holocaust of men
Straddling every inch humanity will allow
Wearing masks to hide their swollen minds
Cursed like demons, bellowing like fire
Vivid consumption, Earth’s renounced sancutary
Their eyes, liquid omniscience
Verbally abroad as the drunkenness prevails
Quivering through obscure dazzling light
An orgasm threaded in the pulsating connection
Deafening and blinding the child’s whimsical pain
As clouds shiver from which the cold winds deliver
A cry from the thick oozing wilderness silenced the air
Potent aggravations dissolving mystery
Aftermath in the sullen rubble
Slow death acting impatient
Humble grievances come toward the sunshine smile
Daylight murmuring little secrets
As the streets strewn with paper, cups, cans, cigarettes
Heard febble like the fenced Earth
Creatures, monsters, unyielding sloths
Caretakers uncaring
Money baths in the featured repetition
Great monkeys, terrific avalanche burnt mountain explosions
Bartering on every corner, any special, every corner
In the always contingent spiritual journey
The revolutions in the motionless eye
Space, cocked like a drunken sailor’s legs
Tucked in the uncertainty, the vastness of each breath
All the mischief, all the splendor, all the horror
All the wonder, all the chaos, all the peace…
Ugly streets


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Say a prayer for the mountains
A prayer for the sea
The volcano’s eruption
Is a natural catastrophe
Say a prayer for the flowers
A prayer for the smiling grass
The lion will devour
Any prey within grasp
To gain a natural high
With clouds so low
There’s only one good-bye
And only one hello
To reason without question
To gain without greed
Is like folly without tomorrow
To be cut and not bleed


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Eagle catches air; glides in tune
Fluttering each feather in his beautiful plume
I’m so sad to have to stand and stare
For I can’t fly, I know it’s unfair
Talking, saying hello, good day or like wise
The world is organic then it dies
Perished, polished, unfamilar dreams
Twinkled time takes the place of screams
So I ask the eagle when he lands on my shoulder
What is it like to soar over this boulder
He replies with a shine in his eye
There’s more to life than being able to fly
If you’d like, just give it a try


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Smolder dreams
Burnt sage
The sun screams
With age-
Smoke smell
Wilderness gleems
Creatures can tell
Or so it seems-
Silencing eyes
Time is dust
All with surprise
Echoing rust-
Vintage the home
Savory dine
Fields in the comb
Everything mine-
Air in the hope
Folly grips fear
Burdens will grope
Childeren next year-

Freakazoid Skeleton…

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Here we stand on common ground.

Aloof and unaware at the sight and sound.
Of the aftermath these filthy creatures left around.
An abortion of earth inside a plastic mind.
A desecration in the oceans that swirls all blind.
This madness made the beauty hard to find.
The garbage we toss like when we shit.
Have to go so bad, once we’re done we flush it.
A pile so high we have no place to dump it.
Just put it here on common ground.
We’ll walk over or go around.
Never hearing that ancient wilderness sound.