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Nothing’s ever a waste of time
To learn from what you find
Even when it’s a hard road to climb
It’s never a waste of time
As you can possibly see
When you’re crying to me
That I’m there if you need
A someone who will heed
And it’s times like these
That seem hard to believe
As we’re weak in our knees
But we’ll never beg to please
And I know you can see
Yeah I told you you’re free
As your wings begin to freeze
Over life’s stormy seas
You know I’d do what I can
To help you with your plan
But you must make your way
And then do what you say
Even though I’ll lend my hand
Your choice is yours to stand
Without getting in the way
The sun keeps coming everyday
Nothing’s ever a waste of time
Even when you have peace of mind
But even that road is hard to climb
It’s never a waste of time


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Come inside
Always seem to run and hide
Blow down
Running through my mind
Shout out
Break my love into the ground
Fucked doubts
Listen to the shattered sound
Let me run again
Let me run again..
I would fuck it up again and again
In my mind
Always getting blurred to me
This time
I’ll land somewhere in clarity
Then I’ll do it again and again
My turn to lend a hand to a friend
Feel this inside
Let writhe your scorched mind
Until I’ve died
I’ll be right where you can find
I know when
You came into my reality
I’m hard to be
Strapped to my clarity
Let me live again
Let me live again…
Let me fuck it up again and again
I feel a kind
A bit shadowed and surreal
In a time
I stretched out far to feel
And I’ll do it again and again
Until I lend a hand to a friend


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It’s what brought us here.
It’s what’s shed my dear.
How is it that lives co-mingle
In the fret of our existence
And we’re afraid to touch it
As we struggle with such resistence
It’s our only friend
It’s what I’ll do in the end
Searching like raptors
For our juicy surprise
Once we see, we’re captors
Lunging toward life’s demise
It’s how we come to relief
It’s how we perceive our belief


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Injured in my own borders
Can’t see my way through
These walls were where my comforts lie
Now they have fallen into
To escape would be to abandon
And live with the results my fled
I can already see the horizon
Without blue, black or red
I’ve lingered in here for so long I can’t feel
The torture has been an accustomed dwell
Now I must become this solitary keel
Or else adrift into this bottomless hell
I sense that my distortions are heavy
My timeless hopes fly like mist
So thick and dense as a sturdy levy
Collapse in the wake of love’s gist
I will crawl out of the rubble
And in due time see once again
As this blurred reflection makes me humble
I know that I’ve never lost a friend