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Posted in poetry with tags , , , , , , , , , on October 27, 2010 by ravenstooth
Watch the trees begin to freeze now
Like the shiver lose in my spine
I have begun to live a new life
And this time it’s all mine
You sing into your world now
With your music itches my mind
I can call on your guitar’s sound
To soothe what I may need to find
We could stop, the blues
But what would we say
And then we won’t find our way
Katydid you’ve got what no one can do
The freedom to sing all those blues
Watch the frost begin to dew now
With the sunshine smiling at you
I can see the morning corning
As the wonder that gave you that hue
We could stop, the blues
But what would you say
And then we won’t find our way
Katydid you’ve got what no one can do
The freedom to sing all those blues
The voice to shout out those tunes


Posted in poetry with tags , , , , , , , , , , on October 26, 2010 by ravenstooth
What have I found
Inside this box
Never believed
My world just rocks
I held on so long
To ripped and rotten
And what I have found has made me forgotten
She smiles inside my visions and dreams
I hold her there to seal the seams
We live so far away from our love
There must be something we can think of
To make the distance become a walks width
And make the time away easier to miss
What have I found
Was love in this box
Now I believe
Her world rocks
I’ll hold her for ever-long
To sip her sweet smile
For what I have found will be with me every mile


Posted in poetry with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on October 25, 2010 by ravenstooth
I feel frozen into her bright blue eyes
Changeling as the silent wings cry
She wore my best armor peeled and forgotten
Hammered in trusting residual, much too rotten
I stood there like an innocent boy
She held me so sturdy past all joy
I teared up while she took over my soul
When I sprang from my youth she swallowed me whole
there was nothing else I wanted to do
So I nudged her freezing winter deja’vu
And we saw the rest of our life ensue
Like lovers do…


Posted in poetry with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on October 21, 2010 by ravenstooth
If I seem divine, well you should see… all of me, all of me
In the shadow of your eyes is a thought of me… of me, of me
As the wind blows your hair, without a care… you’d see, you’d see
And the windows in your mind, let in our time… so free, so free
Thoughts become so precise
The river lends sounds to me
Your eyes are soft and they entice
A love that I have longed to see… I see…
With your heart you fill my world with tranquility… into me, into me
As you slip into my soul, for eternity… you and me, you and me
I can feel you in my life, it is meant to be… lovingly, lovingly
As we sail into our sky, in our infinity… it’s destiny, destiny


Posted in poetry with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , on October 20, 2010 by ravenstooth
My invisible eyes now can see
They dream of light and discovery
Once they saw a meadow serene
And across the valley a mountain stream
I opened them, for the birds had a song
They would sing it to me all day long
Their tune sent shivers down my spine
I would hum along with them in my mind
I can touch the sight without loosing my way
That’s when I woke and saw you one day
My invisible eyes lent out the world
And you smiled as my thoughts unfurled
You kissed me with your wilderness glow
Then dance in my head like a new rainbow
Your crimson hair flying in the breeze
It’s a pleasure to see you and apiece
Now spoken, our life stories unravel
Like time was uncovered in our loose gravel
As we kick at the cobbles that mean the most
Then pick up the unique stones we really boast
My invisible eyes come out to be seen
As we strike out into this world of green
Our sights we’ll add to our pile of rocks
Each one telling our memory as it talks
We could believe in something that we hold dear
Together a new start is nothing we should fear
The light draws into these dreams we think of
For my eyes aren’t invisible when they see love


Posted in poetry with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on October 10, 2010 by ravenstooth
Sittin in my lonely room
And hey… I’m doing ok
There seems to be another shine
And hey…the reflection is mine
Seems so empty now
Now… that you have left me here
I couldn’t have asked for a better time
Now…that my mind is finally clear
Lowww… entrancing
Contemplating endless sight
And hey… I might come back
Weary about the road ahead
But hey…I’m right on track
Could I see the next horizon
Maybe in a thousand years
You could be my next surprising
Only if there were no tears
Slowww… entrancing
I should keep reminding
Maybe in a thousand years
I wish the days surrounded
All the wasted tears
There’s someone who will surprise me
In the horizon
And I’ll keep on laughing
All the time
Flowww… entrancing


Posted in poetry with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on October 8, 2010 by ravenstooth
Open up your heart my love
And send me all your world
You are all that I dream of
My one and only girl
Discover me on silent moss
And come and take my hand
The lake is striking our silhouette
A gust of wind slips through the trees
We lie on back to when we first met
And listen for love in the breeze
We tired out our fast deep breath
And hold ourselves in our eyes
The sun is sinking beneath the world
Our night is perched upon
I take your warmth you are my girl
As we sleep on the lawn
You’ll find me on the silent moss
Just come you’ll understand
Someday when the dream is real
Shadows forage an open feel
Belong to my strange day
Inside where our heart stay
What’d you say?
Open doors that never led
Into a day where time is dead
Come here and let love find
You give me your sweet sunshine
Do you mind?
As you seek me there
Someday we will make it real
Our wishes have an open feel
Let life take our time away
As we take our breath away
Will you stay
With me here
In this world we have no idea
Every day we try to become clear
Until we can feel it
And our will is our spirit
Don’t fear it
Don’t fear it