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Distance plagues us
As we are legends in our own mind
We never had a chance
To resurrect the distant moment in our time
So we are now plagued in the wasted resin
And waking up in dreamt vomit to begin
The days are weak malice protruding hollow
Who becomes champion in the distant lavender
We will perish the fortress and wind up licking salamanders
The frozen skies drown the hurricane’s tongue
These new machines call us connected
But we become further in our awakened water
Here we sit mocking existence
Laughing at wishes
Spiraling into realms of boredom
Trusting the wants but pushing away the needs
Higher we climb the aborted monument
The flag flies there, a burnt echo of broken misery
Attached to the flowers secrete wisdom
Overlooked by scenery and decisions
Whose fall will pick the other one up
Repeat the effects of stoned guesses
The horse rides head high, mane whispering
An overly outstretched hand gets a slap from distance
The plague rots inside and hovers like wild penetration
We cry for our try, and see the end reaching us
We’ll die alone broken by wonder and retreat
The plague becomes like a brother or sister
Not lover or intimate discovery
Which dissolves the glue that bound the past
The future is for infinity to decide
We lend our positive monsters only to have distance plague us
See you in the distance dancing bare-breasted
Holding the plague as it waters you
Let it go, let it go
Then we’ll know that time is the shower casting rainbows
Delicate and silent
Sleep well in the distance
We will never survive the plague
Unless we speak with honest medicine


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Plain white and lidless, apparently darkened by its own unborn self
Wiry stoned mockery, adjacent to the balance driven yearling
She is starving for the reasons where the answers are far from her reach
After all there are only water droplets in the reservoir calmly waiting


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Sensuous as we blink to make sure
Our touch feels electric and pure
Letting in the soul like floating air
Flying into untouchable, as we stare
Into each others eyes
And we feel so fucking high
Finding out there is another place to go
A walk apart from the reasons that we know
There is an open euphoria weird and powerful
A thought agaze stretched fathoms into wonderful
I’ve been feeling like I never touch the ground
Acute ringing inside my ears with every sound
The dregs filter through like the silence a bee stings
It’s energy cumulates timorous pain relating to it’s wings
Then we scream effortlessly
Like that bee really gives a shit
Now is the time to be this way
I’m walking into my own wickedness
Too much time to waste away
Into divulging, thoughtless drunkenness
Spitting into my bloody world that never cared
I could fake an injury or act like I’m scared
As weakness becomes character, a baseless freeze
There is so much more to the wind than it’s breeze
So we mock the pungent residue
Who really knows what the fuck to do
I do see with my eyes and my body
And when my eyes are closed you feel naughty
And when they are open you are infused in my intense focus
I will climb into your beautifully structured  torture and hold us
And I don’t need a reason
To feel this energy I’m teasing
As if I’d ride the betrayed
Or let myself feel like I’ve been played
Again and again and again and again
By some fuck who calls themself my friend


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You play me up when I’m felt down
How could you seek so far, then leave town
My thoughts become everything and I frown
Thats where I think we are so I act like a clown
I found this magic when I’m not even looking
These sights create my masked smoke show
Please wander through so I know I was choking
Lights flow webbed in and out so fast and so slow
I hear a harmonica blasting chimes all in my martyrs
Then I died in the crazy hallways that flash my mirrors
As I turn to see my children all alone without there fathers
Strength and promises that keeps them seeing their heros
I’m drifting like sadness gently sweeping the dusty earth
No one to blame and if there was it would still be me
I hear the ghost crying love into the center of rebirth
La la la la la it’s been a time to feel the real things I see
Here come the rubies and gold mines that shovel destiny
I see the dragon breathing this ember twilight discrepancy
Now I’m so alone now the rights to compromise have left me
I could smoke now and blow a lung out spitting into memory
There is a shadow that follows me on much of the days
Lonely in the edge of the life only coming out when the sun plays
The darkness tolerates the disguise and hides smiles in strange ways
Then falls asleep, then suddenly wakes to be discouraged at dusk’s gaze
Hotels stranded shitfists and leisure toes tapping songs singing
Like the poverty currents lapping yesterdays bread and grinning
Gambling decks of cards brothels wine as licorice gestures beginning
Who is the rightful patrol midget rolling moonbeams hopefully winning
When you wake seeing a thrash of madness and screaming tipped agony
Will your day end up seeking my strange breathe in your hollow ears
I could make more sense in your senses as you become entwined grabbing me
Or just be the echo that reverberates the wonders in your infinity and fears
Bones are battered and bruised like the plumes of smog hovering the city
Wretched meanderings forfeit depleted curtains that shade our sorrow
Will it fall apart at the seams unless there it much more than our pity
La la la la la la la la la la can we afford all the words we use or borrow
I should participate in the godly prayers to help me save my boring frets
Oh how sappy the crumbs taste after they have landed on the floor
I’ll sweep up the rest tomorrow in hope to see you walk by the one who gets
This destruction I shout in my blah blah tragedy feeling sorry for my unopened door
I locked it up and now I want it to explode out of the mangled conversations
It’s been the heavy ocean waves that wash away the grit and Sands
Car lean slender sleek sultry with passion my intriguing wonder in invasions
Keep me standing erect while I piss on motions where love waves hands
I always start so short and leave it longer than my body calls
Mockery is so fulfilling that looking back it’s all seems brand new
In this new world dead in our past shine that dulls then falls
La la la la la la la la la la la and eleven becomes the number for two


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Gonna have a real good time
They say it won’t hurt either
The stimulation peaks a genuine roll
Speaking in the personal passionate invention
Yikes, the flash of freedom is staring into the sea
Economy folds the waiting in hunger
Hear my song and waiting to come along
This is a new moon flushed currents
Now I’m still waiting without spring
Spreading the poetry willfully like burnt whistles
Really need you in this forced meandering forest lure
What can I do to determine the epicenter trembling gust
Exhale the directions, inhale the dust, blow out recourse
All must worship Earth’s bare naked trip
Her blood rising in tunnels and caves
All glory, sadness and thighs, her mind perspires knowing
The ghosts crawl back into the murky wombs inherited by foolish humans
Terrified shores as their peril is a dictation in master fabrications
Her blue Sunday was the only one in the world
Awaiting the tender times and seeking death as a pronounced friend
I could smoke the awkward heat and bathe without air
She is the horizon azure in a prisms of metamorphosed ghouls 
Strength adding in the ships current walk
I can see the words you long for like beaten dreams
I’m running low on mystery, my tongue withering
My eyes can’t spy into the house of love
I searched the roads and turned the piles over
I know all the fear and the weekends all frozen
I can see you what you do and I love and know
A meadow comes to view, ash clouds, supple wind hush
The frontier and Indians swirl midnight trance- Formless
Naked to the earth gods the maker the mother the tears
I have to be gone.  Never to be or seen.
The old blues man you need to understand
Tell them all to follow the white raven into ever last perching
Just take my hand the wonder is complete as in feathers
Growing high the time to lead buried fortunes chapped windy blur
It all just me, the west was here the east was there and the north was south
Going down, now there is the worship coming on spanked and modeled
I’m a vast inquiry searcher and madman to words that verge
Like an itch the corner block is the laughing-stock trickery
A phone booth changeling the murder now pretense
And we were together anyway in the evening I’d give back to you
And your mind the soft think and wonder, I cry- play it brother
Ever consider the grizzly bear the world as a savior
Do you remember the pain and there is never going to be one
A chance anyway her writing pleasure and I’m alone for you in the meadows
Sure Thing it’s amazing
My heart is wild the child cool as a kiss on the face
Our nature belongs to forged lunatic night
Come be the hunger and in your eyes freedom is born
It’s always a matter of time hanging from this wire transmission porthole
Who can take what I cannot and keep on dreaming


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Eagle Eagle wicked flight
Soaring high without might
Eagle Eagle power strewn you
Show me how wicked are you
Given light in birth
Madness and mirth
Tranquil shuttering moon
Flutter Flutter like a balloon
Crimson sun hues Earth
Raven Raven tortured soul
Changeling, mockery and a fool
Raven Raven wisdom blackens you
Show me what color are you
Translucent night in death
Sadness last breath
Chanting humbled runes
Hear your voice real soon
Flutter Flutter like a balloon
Omniscient Augur’s quest


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And they wrote
“Here lies Hypocrisy”
On his lonely grave.
A man, naked without his spirit
A deceiver of truth,
An offender of guilt.
Shame overtook his love
He was backwards
Though he knew his confusion
He passed it off as nuance
Decorated with passion/lust.
He contradicted all possibilities as a
Non-rational, egotistical, one-way
And they were the same…


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again she cried
As I lay down and
died.  A tickle
from a sickle may change
a dime into a nickel.  Although we
are told, when bread turns to gold, and when we die
we change to mold.  So I bow my head toward deceiving
moments of a photo that hasn’t been taken, drawn or remembered.
Here it is, the last race; the important dance around the burning bush.
Talking in dreams that had potential.  King and queens
ask why, and the jesters reply is nothing but a sigh.  Imperial
freedom in an industrial order.  Shock wasted dream and you’re nothing
but a butterfly to me.  Dazed untruth and the ink blots in my mouth,
I’m heading south.  Today we anchor the tides.  Into the dream the
girl is red.  Into a vision the taste is dead.  Philosophical scrimshaw,
Repetition in a bath full of disease.  Baffled enjoyment to fill
my cup with anticipation.  Stone hedge, lurks grave diggers.  SKULLDUGGERY
Merchant escape; plagued innocence and a paperback to read while
masturbation eclipses the drive.  Cars and trucks, toys for boys.
As long as the clouds cry the roads will be fill with hydroplane.
Air lift casualties and the desolate moan of an aching beast.
Dead ponds of toxic waste on this place controlled by a race that
has no value in a face.  We or me is the only thing that matters?
Stagnant valor, colors of skin, burnt embryo and the Indians sob
in a dry river.  Flowers that sing to the sun.  Peers challenge
the young.  No wonder we’re all fucked.  Think, for nothing
is nothing is something and something is nothing.  SURE?!  Friends
to consider, or two-faced persuasion.  Intricate dubs and thugs toward
the city we go.  Carnivores we’re not herbicides here to.  Junkies, yes
with the tastes of luxuries in between the seams, I hear a girl scream.
She cried again and all I could challenge was a peaceful night sleep.


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Smolder dreams
Burnt sage
The sun screams
With age-
Smoke smell
Wilderness gleems
Creatures can tell
Or so it seems-
Silencing eyes
Time is dust
All with surprise
Echoing rust-
Vintage the home
Savory dine
Fields in the comb
Everything mine-
Air in the hope
Folly grips fear
Burdens will grope
Childeren next year-


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Patience aplumb so are the fissures
How come?
Wind flies up toward the density
With intensity.
Let lapse, the wild night dream
The cold creeps solid and tame
A hot moon filters our obscene
Aplumb as the geysers came