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When I stepped out into the fresh midnight air
I was feeling pretty good and I knew I would
Begin to see me
And the moon shone white like a flashlight beam
And I started to dream, I swear I heard you scream
Then I could see you
Sat down on the cool wet lawn
To try to let this run
Thought there until the moon crashed into dawn
And watched the rising sun
My only hope was that you were smiling
Then the morning rooster begged for the waking light
As he yelled his crow, to let everyone know
He was yawning
And the dew that wet the lawn all that night
Which cooled the air, there was fog everywhere
We were dawning
Witnessed the morning doves flying in my head
I also saw the chickadees come scavenging for pieces of bread
They never even saw our shadows shiver
And then in from the east, flew a raven
He was a screaming showman, tricked us to believe the omen
Was our distant echo
When I stepped back into my reality there
I was feeling very good, I could tell that my path would
Begin to let go
Sat down on the dry green lawn
To try to let this run
Thought there until the sun crashed away the dawn
And watched the raven sun
My only hope was that you were smiling


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Let me tell you something
That may change your mind
You could hold the sun over my head
As we love how we love our bodies instead
Then we could stare into our eyes kind
Give the moon time to reflect our find
Let me give you myself
Share this warm selflessness
Feel your skin’s soft supply
Run my lips across your tribe
Into our mute visions we describe
As we quench the moon’s reflective vibe
Tell me yourself to my soul
Give me your loving and hold
My love inside your pure gold
While we make ourselves whole
Give our connection a meaningful role
Slow, let me hush your quivering will
Your stimulation lush potent arched shrill
We are running full touch strength as we spill
Our hunger over the plush fabric exiting any chill
Let me give myself to your dream
This kindness as trust milks us clean
As you wrap yourself around my obscene
Driving on the realm where lovers are between
The unreal feel of realities that shout serene
Until we seize the moon’s reflection we’ve seen