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Trippin’ lyrics

Living a different way. You can’t expect me to be the same.
Separating our lives and wondering why.
Face down I walk away. Every time I think I do the right thing,
you turn your back on me.

Trippin’ into a world that never seems too far away.
Too much time, too many wasted days.

How can you be this way? Now I’m alone and cold today.
I’m walking dead man’s drive. Reaching out for my life.
I’ve been known to fuck up everything.
In this skin there’s a broken man.

Trippin’ into a world that never seems too far away.
Too much time, too many wasted days.
Just another vision in my world!


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Awake lyrics

Wait another minute. Can’t you see what this pain has fucking done to me.
I’m alive and still kickin’. What you see I can’t see and maybe
you’ll think before you speak.

I’m alive, for you I’m awake. Because of you.
I’m alive. Told you I’m awake. Swallowing you

Take another second. Turn your back on me and make believe that
you’re always happy.
It’s safe to say you’re never alive. A big part of you has died
and by the way, I hope you’re satisfied.


Tearing it back unveiling me.
Taking a step back so I can breathe.
Hear the silence about to break.
Fear resistance when I’m awake.


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I could make you close my door
And never return my brain
Even if you felt you could use some more
And tolerate the lost cold rain
I could drift you- and you would feel no pain
I could drift you- until you feel the same
I could talk to you once again
Let in the laughter you know
And maybe once we pass by so plain
We wouldn’t look twice we’d just go
There’s nothing wrong with feeling okay
It sure helps when we both feel that way
I might have known that you would say
That I wouldn’t feel no pain
You could drift me
Again and again and again
You could drift me- until we feel the same
Hear me loud- as if the time was near
I’ll scream it again to open your cloud
That plugs my voice from your ear
Hear me now- somebody drift me
I bet somehow-someone will drift me
Maybe sometime- you could drift me
Why Won’t you drift me drift me drift me


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Walk with me, walk with me and as I hold your hair
Talk to me, talk to me and pretend that I’m not there
Showing me , showing me, that you can’t stand my glare
Knowing me, knowing me, make me know you care
Make me know you care
Or call me a fool, call me a fool
I wouldn’t pass your school
I’d break every rule, every rule
Without ever being cruel
Perhaps I am a fool
Follow me, follow me into the wilderness
The wallow in me, wallow in me is full of emptiness
Holding me, you’re holding me or doing what feels best
You’re molding me, molding me from whatever else is left
Whatever else is left
Or fly me away, fly me away
I would never find my way
Lead me astray, lead me astray
I’ll remember the last thing you say
Then I’ll fly away


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Here on the town they divided all the lost
Voices are signaling tired grinning sleep
Talking in sin and this is the price of cost
Strange has found proven strangers keep
We’re lost in the world of forbidden you
You think that it’s impossible then there is a few
I’m sure you’ll see what the important thing is to do
But it’s true after all, the dogs only howl at the view
Small beats in the heaven part of the mind
It really is for laughter and the bits orange unkind
I’ll love you twice in the blanket horror of Monday
Take to the lake with wet desired floods shouting hooray
I was going to the past all awkward and astray
But hey, whose the one fingering the peanut butter today
Could not sleep in the morning when my knees begin to speak
One for tomorrow and the rest can be saved once my bones creek
Unhappy forest desert solitaire in the prison issued Fridays
Left all alone in the murky film plush in your rainbow Highways
Don’t miss our chance weeping in the enchanted folly resin
As the sullen breeds list painful worship like the tiny viscous heaven
Let’s jump to the moon in the river run liquid night
It’s our time to reefer the hits and lavish our poisonous fright
Just join in there’s no need to extinguish our simple willful sight
The majesty has opened the kingdom as we reach with all our drained might
Hear these people of strange rooms when the children become bold
I can’t remember your name as our smoke bellows frozen limp with mold
Now the garage is empty, let’s pull in and drive to the motions colliding in our eyes
Unguided and erect and full of a container wilt mastered in love’s oil
I have seen you naked in the air fastly panting in my directions turmoil
Turn on the TV loosen the silvery snow of the VHF show and modeled BETA
Light flicker silent as faces minding trance festering carnivals in OMEGA
Don’t you cry when we decide it’s time to say our good-bye or- if I die
I’ll stand in all your corners tempting a godly presence to mischief reply
Horses thank the stream in thirst, pouring the ancient ghosts to bed
Until we sing the final song let’s turn the vinyl and dance under the sun of crazy red
Then turn off the signs that deported blue flames that crawl like baffled balloons
When our tongues are tired of kissing and our bodies show midnight our ruins
Cancel this transaction like a cat is to his claws retraction
My friends are waiting at the train yard begging for strange interaction
But before I sleep,  I must have you here, opening the butterfly in my arms
I’m getting tired in this waiting around for some silent chant and mindful charms
Here is our Earth is she giant with stardom and forgiveness
Our wizardry shortcomings seem powerful with philosophies wickedness
Save us our own destruction and drum beat bicker as folded catacombs lie false
We are the torture from the gliding winds breath cadence in cascading waltz
Then there is the End 
Will we ever come again


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Distance- And the vitals still flow
Patience- About the memory I know
Anxious- When the worry starts to grow
Motion- Amazed by the heavy falling snow
Ahh… Dive in when your sick and tired of your life
Shh… I don’t want to sleep in the cold anymore
Here is where I go listening to the water fall
Undecided and want to know why is love untouchable
Of my life consists of all the tired eyes that I see
Feel my face shake wither toward the timeless sky
Now the sun rises east of the windless air at me
I hold up a channel for the flying gods that cry
I’m alive and because I told you I’ll swallow you
Feel the connection
Don’t look down at me
Unless your feeling all my pain… all my pain
Taking a step back so I can breathe
Enter the door so refreshed and opened
Shut our minds and begin again… and begin again
Crawling by the way And fucking kind
Hard to really find how this all is real
Whispering the songs that drill in my mind
Especially how the rhythm makes me feel
I freak out like the tantrum of a penned animal
Please someone seek me and control my every step of the way
If you feel so bad then you, you must have tired eyes
Getting so high that there’s the lull between each day
Back on the trail to uncertainty is the smell of life
How could anyone question the end result as strife
When walking alone you look at the ground and feet
Pick up your head instead and come with sights you meet
I could say just about anything and the avalanche plummets swoosh
I’ve been feeling like the down fall is better with a little push
Low and unguided with all the tracks in the snow and slush
Trippin over all the mistakes that realize my mind is a muddy mush
Ten ten and I’m Fuckin’ tripping again
Eleven eleven I can’t wait until it’s seven o’ fuckin seven
The slow melting whispers in my pen
Shock wasted dream this must be my My fuckin’ heaven
Never too far away hahahaha as I cry for you
I’ve been a fuck up every fuckin day
Cradled in my own delusions and frightening view
How about we get outta everyone’s fucking way
Wasted days in memory, feel the power under my skin
Taste the night’s air lips pass out the victim’s volume
Do I take this challenge to the place I begin to begin
Dry sands licked the bitch with legs shaped and column
Forgive me, touch the souls and smear the whirling imagination
I’m on the lustful lines of forest bantam death interrogation
OHHH. OHHH. No other feeling better than a hot fuck stimulation
Or maybe something in light azure and a tinge sparking ovation
The spiral is a never-ending honor in heightened observation
This corkscrew stripes the rainbow’s answers that began civilization
I will fly away and gain the peaceful odes, and verve as I stand in my anticipation


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Free- see how we dance
You’re all I know
No one there to chance
I move slow
No one to see me ride the air
I don’t see my mind crying loud
What is the catalyst that makes us a pair
Without the barriers that can shroud
Get into this car, guitars are happy
The boats and nothing is really bought
Fill in some time tell me you’ve been around
Dig the groove let the bottleneck iron wrought
Listen to my furry like the sweat from the ice-cold sun
I could outlast you in the moon’s breath where we come from
Smoke now in the bathroom no one will find you til you’re done
I can’t wait til tomorrow to feel the hurry in making a little fun
I’m so high I’m so high I’m so fucking high
What should I do to freeze this mindless sky
So fucking high so fucking high soooo fuckin high
Am I still the same fucking guy when I sparrow why
Strange as you in a thick brick house of thirsty fish
Kill the brew that’s inside of the hue that you dish
I’m with all of you in the dawn and where tired lights sigh
Be with you if the stars get caught calling love to cry
The sunshine fills the brains magic
Feel the ocean that rocks the blue
There is no heaven when there’s too much plastic
Stay with til this gallop become true
I’ve been waiting so long for the season’s horizon
Let’s eclipse our window after tulips froth beauty
Hear the trees stretch their limbs into the eyes sun
The tales sweetly sing to the white crouched lady
Want to take her to your hard land in the winter
We were naked in the torture smiling through the shadows in our mind
Silently approaching when you come into me at lisp and a featured strong kind
Got that rainbow feel with your soul search responses fritter
Once the white room scarlet in trances black polish cobras
Hold the fire sparse in electric companion in peach doldrums
Here are the senses turn shout complacent bark in the blood night
Oscillations creep in jungles dressing widow markings and searchers wet sight
There could not be this temptation brown colored forethoughts
And darken shined glasses peer into homestead blank at the sick pots
Stink like a woman’s first spot drunk every Thursday watching each take shots
On top of the world steeling these worries half-mast and bluebird weddings brought
Now I’m tripping like the past when my yesterday drugs called
Symbols collide the masturbation dollars fly throughout transition
What way could it be if my flight began to peek and towers soon bawled
High upon the dark cloud gasping at the orange sadsack renditions
Here’s all the luck in the bad forest timber as legs bite those bugs
I’ve been crawling to get to here now I will stand and crave
Born weak in those lovely signals and timely hot bear hugs
I’ll kiss you in the long arbor smell of roses, lilies, and a daphne wave
I found you on the way to campfire marshmallows and firefly laughs
Now my heart pounds streets cobbled stones and afterthought decisions
I can remember the crying in my warm shirt as you said don’t leave our paths
I slipped and shrugged now these days are renewed like brilliant fluttering apparitions
I could have you drive my car and you could drive me too far
The love is on the table while we wander in the park
Yes I have a place that would hold the shine on your face star
This could be our last time to see the breath of our dark
What a bring down traffic longshot of pillars grunge
You know what’s in your head as if the yellow resin isn’t dead
On the riverside lunch bucket wadding at the plunge
Got outta town and followed the sea to the trades gray skies and red
I will never fall or have forgotten while looking
And you know it well as a promise of a new day
My flags are flying in my music is just gettin cookin
I’ve been around the world without ever being away