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Where did you go
You still roam
Far away from your home
You would cry
If you could see my
The wind will blow
As crazy as the horse
Makes its wild course
To the greasy grass
As the earth will ask
Hear what I know
My shout is like a crow
Seeking the wilderness show
I guess I’ll let you go
Even though
I writhe


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The augur built a fire
The wind pulled the flames
Swirling with the smoke, a rainbow
Frozen in the colors, an ancient story
The lore inspires a coyote
Crimson sun spoke to him throughout the day
He noticed this and smiled
The moon etched its rim over the thunderhead
Tandem owls hooted a friendly song
Eyes see in the night
Power turns men into callous warriors
Wind-burnt omen seeker
His freedom smiles at his death


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A long wooden arrow in my heart
The blood gushes raven dark
My journey takes me to the start
To a lengthy wooden park
The morning fog calls to the crows
Cackling toward the sun’s rainbows
A sudden dream unfolds
Like a coupe staff a warrior holds
His prison is his obscure thought
Cast into darkness he’s all alone
One day he’ll see all he’s got
And they’ll decorate his path home
These times are like swans in a pond
Graceful strokes from a painter’s wand
They’ll gawk, yet gesture how fond
Like salmon in a river rotting and spawned
Hear the cry of a butterfly
Screeching into metamorphosis
A caterpillar’s vie with a wink of his eye
Creates a brand new surface
The one with the long wooden bow
Was neither friend or foe
Just a vision to show
How slow a blink can go

Freakazoid Skeleton…

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I imagine how it would be. In this world that I see.

Without cars and money and greed.

It would be a place without people.

You know the Indians had it down.

They never abused the sacred ground.

What do we care now

Why should we care now

No one even cares now.

The only way to save the Earth is to give ourselves to the Earth.

But I need a new TV. I need a new home. I need a new everything.

And god damn it, it will be mine.

But hey I have running water, I have a refrigerator, a microwaver, a calculator, a piece of paper, Space Invaders, Schwarzenegger, that holy savior- what an instigator,

I need a favor. A little favor.

Give it all up.

Give it all up.

Give it, give it, give it.

Let go..

Internal are we. As we spread the seed. And the things we need. And the things we need.

The end is always near.  We may as well get our kicks while we’re here.

Internal in the eyes that see nothing.  Blind like the daydream seeker.

Exploding into the final thrill with no resolve.  As we penetrate the sacred ground. 

You know the Indians had it down. 

Like the silence of fresh snow. 

And now as we drive through town. 

We have no where else to go.


The highway blanks our mind with daydreams and, of time.