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Come inside
Always seem to run and hide
Blow down
Running through my mind
Shout out
Break my love into the ground
Fucked doubts
Listen to the shattered sound
Let me run again
Let me run again..
I would fuck it up again and again
In my mind
Always getting blurred to me
This time
I’ll land somewhere in clarity
Then I’ll do it again and again
My turn to lend a hand to a friend
Feel this inside
Let writhe your scorched mind
Until I’ve died
I’ll be right where you can find
I know when
You came into my reality
I’m hard to be
Strapped to my clarity
Let me live again
Let me live again…
Let me fuck it up again and again
I feel a kind
A bit shadowed and surreal
In a time
I stretched out far to feel
And I’ll do it again and again
Until I lend a hand to a friend


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I’ll stretch as far as I can reach
My long arms touch from beach to beach
Having one of those dreams again
Waking not remembering where I’ve been
Opening my eyes I recall the pleasant sight
I walked through your doorway turned off the light
We took to the wild to realm in our creatures
Like a pack of wolves we devoured all the features
The frenzy continued flying in the skies
Our window for convenience opens, then dies
We twisted in turn to fall back to earth
The days skim past feeling that it’s worth
All the discouraging waiting, then waking, then going
Never hesitating in the real, only seeing, only knowing
The patient is on the path breeding fits of honey
Those bees keep stinging, those sharp edges feel funny
I want to shower in the waters from the hurricane
Making sure that these dreams keep me sane
Clawing into the pleasantry and pick at the mortar
I’ll keep chiseling until my masterpiece crosses the border
Then the twilight beckons and a flash in the sky
The night is over and the new day promises to try