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In the fine avenue of thoughtless happenings
The delicate placid Corvidae lurched buoyant
Singing a blatant vibration across the dawn
Hairy feathery legs strike the branch with silent sway
Bleating to the sun’s shining hover with worms and grubs
The misty hillside looms hollow servant echos
She looks willful and pleasant toward the east
Cries hard and voyeuristically, then joins him in the climbing clouds
In the midst of the shivering quiet they spirit-chime their forever
Then mate for life…


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What would you tell me if I loved you somehow
Would you be happy and let your smile shine out
To feel your wonder hmm…
With me
There is a thoughtful surprise that keeps you dreaming me
I hold you deep in my eyes until tears are streaming me
And you can shiver hmm…
While your holding me
We walk right outside your door
There is a crow talking more
I see that the river is flowing through me hmm hmm…
I turn and ask you your special name
You say the raven came and took it away
There are his feathers that try to make our love fly in the same old way
And I’ll hold you again
Until it’s our turn to end
Will you hold me again
This day should never end
And we hold on again
Our love will never… ever… ever end


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When I stepped out into the fresh midnight air
I was feeling pretty good and I knew I would
Begin to see me
And the moon shone white like a flashlight beam
And I started to dream, I swear I heard you scream
Then I could see you
Sat down on the cool wet lawn
To try to let this run
Thought there until the moon crashed into dawn
And watched the rising sun
My only hope was that you were smiling
Then the morning rooster begged for the waking light
As he yelled his crow, to let everyone know
He was yawning
And the dew that wet the lawn all that night
Which cooled the air, there was fog everywhere
We were dawning
Witnessed the morning doves flying in my head
I also saw the chickadees come scavenging for pieces of bread
They never even saw our shadows shiver
And then in from the east, flew a raven
He was a screaming showman, tricked us to believe the omen
Was our distant echo
When I stepped back into my reality there
I was feeling very good, I could tell that my path would
Begin to let go
Sat down on the dry green lawn
To try to let this run
Thought there until the sun crashed away the dawn
And watched the raven sun
My only hope was that you were smiling


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Looking up to the sky
Covered it in gray
The clouds that sing to me
Soak my skin this way
I guess I’ll have to fly
Raven’s crow a bitter croon
Lavishing their wings
They glisten in the showering
They tell me everything
I guess I’ll have to fly
Let this image go free
I shout to the echos that mimic my voice
Telling me to see
The river floats on away
Which way is the sea
It holds my visions astray
Wash my soul from me
I guess I’ll have to fly
No need to fret in this existence
Patience is the key
To unlock dreams in their truest essence
I seek them in my sleep
I guess I’ll have to fly
Let this image go free
I shout to the echos that mimic my voice
Telling me to see
Looking up to the sky
Clouds have blown away
This darkness next to me
Helps me think this way
I guess I’ll have to fly
I guess I’ll have to fly
I guess I’ll have to fly
I guess I’ll have to fly…
I can’t deny
Why there is life
We could shout out
Try to delight
Will we burn out
Dreaming all this fuck that we see
Sleeping while our thoughts will unravel
There’s more to me
What do you want me to be
I could give you all of my dreams
Dreaming all this fuck that we see
Sleeping while our thoughts will unravel
The Earth is brave
Giving this world unto me
And I piss in a hole to the sea
Dreaming all this fuck that I see
Sleeping while my thoughts start to unravel
I can’t deny
Why there is life
We could shout out
Try to delight
Will we burn out
Dreaming all this fuck that we see
Sleeping while our thoughts will unravel


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Distance plagues us
As we are legends in our own mind
We never had a chance
To resurrect the distant moment in our time
So we are now plagued in the wasted resin
And waking up in dreamt vomit to begin
The days are weak malice protruding hollow
Who becomes champion in the distant lavender
We will perish the fortress and wind up licking salamanders
The frozen skies drown the hurricane’s tongue
These new machines call us connected
But we become further in our awakened water
Here we sit mocking existence
Laughing at wishes
Spiraling into realms of boredom
Trusting the wants but pushing away the needs
Higher we climb the aborted monument
The flag flies there, a burnt echo of broken misery
Attached to the flowers secrete wisdom
Overlooked by scenery and decisions
Whose fall will pick the other one up
Repeat the effects of stoned guesses
The horse rides head high, mane whispering
An overly outstretched hand gets a slap from distance
The plague rots inside and hovers like wild penetration
We cry for our try, and see the end reaching us
We’ll die alone broken by wonder and retreat
The plague becomes like a brother or sister
Not lover or intimate discovery
Which dissolves the glue that bound the past
The future is for infinity to decide
We lend our positive monsters only to have distance plague us
See you in the distance dancing bare-breasted
Holding the plague as it waters you
Let it go, let it go
Then we’ll know that time is the shower casting rainbows
Delicate and silent
Sleep well in the distance
We will never survive the plague
Unless we speak with honest medicine


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Fly high til it frees you
Your wandering astray
Your mind is your echo
There is no other way
Seek until the moon calls
Soak the rain clouds
Let your world creep up inside you
Silence is talking about you
Wind lets you see
Your wilderness will show
And dream infinity
Fears will water your every flow
Send up a fire smoke show
Where the wind goes
As your crazy thoughts still guide you
Silence is laughing right at you
Love is never-ending, never dead
Weeping and doubting
Even after all the hate’s been bled
We’re keeping on shouting yeah…
In eyes that are seeing
No more tears to rain
As lives become veering
Lovely days of pain
Speak up to cloud falls
Wipe your visions
Watch the world become your Raven
Silence is this pain you’re saving
Silence is leashing your behaving
Silence is this pain you’re saving
Silence is what your engaged in
Silence is this pain you’re saving
Silence is laughing right at you
Silence is talking about you…


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I’m captured by silence with noise all around
Sent you an omen without even a sound
Possibly over stepped the friendship we found
Perhaps it’d be better if I weren’t around
Except for the Raven, the days are now done
Nevermind dreaming, the wishes are gone
My shadow is sleeping because yours is so long
As soon as we enter the time we were strong
It takes only a saint cloud to make us belong
Except for the Raven, the dreams are all gone
The days are now done
The dreams are all gone
The days are now done
The dreams are all gone…
Free falling gently til dawn comes around
Hoped that the moon would shine to the ground
Opened up your mind without even a sound
Perhaps you’ll see better when I’m not around
Except for the Raven, no one has won
The days are now done
The dreams are all gone
And no one has won
No one has won
No one has won
No one has won
No one has won
No one has won
No one has won
No one has won
No one has won…


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My mind crumbles in dawn’s new face
Like when I used to chase the race
Now I just stare in space
Had a dream, had a dream
Let in the sunlight and its beam
I called to ravens until they scream
With wild eyes watch it stream
Willfully this garden’s green
Flowers strewn colors impassibly
Then the petals touch the ground
With the dew
Had a dream, had a dream
The moon’s reflection is not what it seems
I touched a raven’s omen and fell between
Wild eyes whirled worlds never seen 


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Strangled, webbed and bitten
Sounded like threatening or hidden
Now I’m coming around to see the finally
Take it to the highest peak the deepest valley
Search forever the moment and let release the burdens that come around
Keep the gardens blooming while the worms breathe life into the ground
Turn around let me know you’re real
When you hear my name what do you feel
Does it elevate your heart the same
As it does for me when I say your name
By the way when I’m dream living
To capture what I mean with what you’re giving
And the your world is the most precious gift
So I offer my omniscience and let you drift
Right on into me
Tripping into our discovery
How can I explain
Nothing is the same
You are the one I’ve held on to
I can’t think of anything better to do
In my world there is an empty seat
I will share it the last time we meet
Down the dust free road, the seers walk on a plain that shines
Their feet never touch the ground while they clasp hands and minds
In my world your never alone too tall a tree flocks crow’s claws
We see the horizon in every direction as we residue when the morning sun bawls
I know you came into my life to stay all so long ago
Will strength be enough for you to let it all go
So far away take this hidden valley pass
Enter the laden stalk bright azure laugh
Ripe in translucent drizzle
Our bodies revolve among the wilderness
Our vampires touch the mica hollowed sizzle
We imitate sleep as dawn barks our candid caress
Sometime we’re frozen in our path
Sometimes we seek adventure
Sometimes we’re lonely in wrath
Sometime we need a little puncture
Sometimes that hole is never sealed
Sometimes we leak into the vast quarry
Sometimes we stand in our skinless field
Sometimes we’ll never know why we worry
Sometimes we rot inside and never give into fate
Sometimes we live in peaceful tranquility
Sometime we make our rendition hesitate
Sometime we say fuck it to our mortality
Sometimes we breathe…
Sometimes we leave…
I could torture you into my existence
Like money on the ground
When you  feel the wind shiver it’s persistence
And pocket the prize you found
The time is a coming
And the truth will be revealed
What may be consuming
Shows each layer has been carefully peeled
I see you’re scared
Why wouldn’t you
I’ve pushed and pulled
Everything you do
Changed you, throttled you
Held you into submission
Now I’m forcing you a decision
That’s what loneliness will do
Then I say- I love you


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Changeling and scattered in my brain
I’m feeling a bit insane
I’m going all around
Tired eyes creep into my sight
Perhaps I just might
See me echoing sound
See me change like a match burning blue
Sulphuric pleasure inflamed pursue
Love crashed into the ground
Yeah wilt like a meteor
As if the singed metaphor
Is like a feather I found
Looks like it’s up to me
Been down so god damn long
Won’t you go come on down
I’m a crawling creature in wicked flight
My magic stands in the corner casting spells at fright
When I look at you perhaps I might
Head on out-of-town
Why would this time be any different
I could writhe you as your servant
And joy you while I clown
My pain shines on the wall
Like headlights through my window
And when I call and call and call
I hold the cold girl and melt in her shadow
I hear you knocking at my door
I get up from my dream and lore
Opening the lock to your meadow
The sun is sweet essence and crisp
We walk along the bare ground and mist
Seeking something
Seeking something
And the ravens
And the ravens
Crying to our wisdom
As we screech folly
And our breathing
And our dying infinity…
We wake in the moon’s passing
We know in our movements and gasping
Our coming is too enticing
Like the gentle rain slicing
On our bodies with hyacinth and laughter
We’d be crazy not to search more of this matter
Following the river again down where the clouds glue minds
Where the love became hindsight and nothing was left to find
There I would die and dream until the earth spun me blind
Let go of my pain and worrisome heart and just unwind
And let the music flow like wind in your hair, so fair, so kind
One more- 
Some call it divine and mastered full exposition
The devious mockery still watered and pleasant disposition
Now listen to the loss of blood
Hear the wrought iron sliver wasted dawn
Just a little in the specimen pool gone wrong
Soft in some mad new language
hidden in the cold misery night mare
Transparent flocks cradle nostalgia
There they are DEAD in mourning warmth
I’ll tell you about the heavy thunder inside my soul
I’ll let you inside when you should pack it in and roll
His fright seem ordinary, yet he discovered the limestone was cold
Walking into his dream, she martyred like wishes, as he was fooled
The pavement sacred plain, into our world we are formed
Make a holiday on your fear.  I’ll see you, I’ll see you, I’ll see you