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Nothing’s ever a waste of time
To learn from what you find
Even when it’s a hard road to climb
It’s never a waste of time
As you can possibly see
When you’re crying to me
That I’m there if you need
A someone who will heed
And it’s times like these
That seem hard to believe
As we’re weak in our knees
But we’ll never beg to please
And I know you can see
Yeah I told you you’re free
As your wings begin to freeze
Over life’s stormy seas
You know I’d do what I can
To help you with your plan
But you must make your way
And then do what you say
Even though I’ll lend my hand
Your choice is yours to stand
Without getting in the way
The sun keeps coming everyday
Nothing’s ever a waste of time
Even when you have peace of mind
But even that road is hard to climb
It’s never a waste of time


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When we are born, we’re screaming
As if air was our enemy
Before that we’re seaming
In the delicateness of reason
And when we die we’re dreaming
For infinity ceases to linger in folly