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Watch the trees begin to freeze now
Like the shiver lose in my spine
I have begun to live a new life
And this time it’s all mine
You sing into your world now
With your music itches my mind
I can call on your guitar’s sound
To soothe what I may need to find
We could stop, the blues
But what would we say
And then we won’t find our way
Katydid you’ve got what no one can do
The freedom to sing all those blues
Watch the frost begin to dew now
With the sunshine smiling at you
I can see the morning corning
As the wonder that gave you that hue
We could stop, the blues
But what would you say
And then we won’t find our way
Katydid you’ve got what no one can do
The freedom to sing all those blues
The voice to shout out those tunes


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Your eyes look up to me and cry
Your sadness and your pain
I never gave you any hope my love
And left you out in the rain
I see now that our time has been
Like sand dunes at the sea
Send will in your heart so you can love again
Until the winds are dust free 
My wonder will begin again
As I walk into this brand new path
My time is an endless friend
Who doesn’t cry and cannot laugh
I’ll be with you if the night would only last
But my fears creep up from behind me
Yes my fears creep up from behind me
Yes my fears creep up and then find me
Find me
Find me
Yes my fears creep up from behind me
My fears creep up and then find me
Won’t you find me
Find me
Find me…


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One day someday soon I’ll reach for you
I couldn’t leave you behind
Then we’ll look on back and have a smile or two
About this path that we find
If I hold you
Would you dream me tonight
Your eyes are so bright
If I hold you
Would you give me your fright
Until we wake in the light
There may be something else that we let slip in our way 
And never find our way home
In life there’s so much more than all the words that we say
It’s to never say them alone
If I hold you
Would you love me tonight
Your dream is so bright
If I hold you
Would you let go your fright
Until we wake in the light


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All too familiar, all too strange
One way or forever these dreams become staged
The light echos hollow among the sullen earth
Her shadow is wings beating life into worth
She screams for the sun to warm her tears
To alleviate the flooded calm she fears
Darkness piles madness into wilderness
She fleets into her aura and fumbles her tenderness
His shadow rains upon the silent ground
His strength is vision and is infinite bound
She turns to glimpse his power and gains her wisdom
Her fear becomes death and waits until he sees his come
Infinite world, please let me touch the girl
She’s so free, hope one day she’ll fly with me
I’ll intrigue,  when her beauty follows her lead
She’s so free, maybe she’ll want to give it to me
Raven’s song, makes the sunshine shimmer so long
In my head, she’s the one for me til I’m dead
In the trees the wilderness gleams
Like metamorphosis beckons, redeems
Her limelight hardened and tranquil
Resonating willful shades of amber
The forest summoning life breeds wet
The creatures opt fright blankets their fret
A shrill echos lost in wild open chaos
As the night boroughs across
Like the soft pillowed cushion of moss 
Infinite girl, please let me touch your world
You fly so free, come down and rescue me
I’ll intrigue, and give you all that you need
You fly so free, take me to where we will see
Your raven’s song, makes our will become strong
In my head, you’ll be with me til I’m dead


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Some where we came aware
Nothing should take forever
You said changes will stay
Roll on over to my head
We shout all through the night
Doesn’t anything matter
You hold stars in my head
I’m about all your laughter
Give me your touch in the basement
We could weep into the daydream 
As the morning meets us
Still we’re sleeping through our living
This time has broken my mind
Sounds are inching my falter
When you smile all through my head
You’ve hidden all that I’m after
Taking me back to the time when we met
Your dancin’, your sweat, with my feet getting wet
And you laugh and you smile
And then after a while
Your holdin’ me down with your head in the clouds
Then you up on the bed and you’re shaking your head
Takin the fall, out the window you call
You shout to the sky, with the moon rolling by
When no one is there but you don’t even care
I should be sleepin’ with your mind
You toss me around like the wind that you find
I can see there isn’t time
Walking away like you do every time
Give me your touch in the basement
We could weep into the daydream
As the morning meets us
Still we’re sleeping through our living
Still we’re sleeping through our living
Living still we’re sleeping
Always sleeping in our living
Living still we’re sleeping
Always sleeping in our living
Living still we’re sleeping


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Where do we go now from here
Will we be around again in the next year
I saw your shadow down by the river
You were my silence, I was your sinner
As we shined on into our twilight
I felt that maybe once we just might
Give into all those tears that we fight
But we…
Go on and on til we cry
Go on and on til we say good-bye
Every time we fall into our vibe
We slink back to our tasteless alibi
Where once we could be you and I
Where once we were saved by you and I
I heard you whisper my name
As I glanced you turned me to shame
We then let the wind fly on by
With a look I could feel we would die
Giving my insides all to you
You throw me around as you do
When I’m trying all I can to
Love everything there is about you
So tell me where do we go now from here
It has been more than the next year
I can still feel your whisper in my ear
As the river drift past I shed my last tear
I turn around and your shadow is where
I never thought I would see you there
I’m caught and drawn into you false glare
I scream “FUCK YOU” and breathe a breath of air


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And I could break free
From all those things you asked of me
Told you you’d see
And watch the sky fall down to new discovery
And I will stand here, yeah
Until the clouds form their darkest fear
Then you would hear
And watch the rain touch ground like when you shed a tear
And it feels so real
I won’t let fear
Lead me into near
From pain and misery
And I’ll fight all day
Just to feel this way
No matter what you say
I will clear catastrophe
And you will fall down, yeah
And break your world upon your angry ground
This I have found
That life goes on and sometimes comes on back around
And when you reach to me, yeah
I will look down at you and feel the hurt you gave to me
And I’ll give you my hand
But, Never will I promise to hold you while you stand
And I close my eyes, yeah
And see into my rhythm which flows past all your lies
And I will be alright
Cause if you are my darkness then my life is looking bright
And I feel so near
My world is so clear
From your pain and misery
And I will see it in my way
Just to feel this way all day
No matter what you say
I will clear your catastrophe
No matter what I see
I will clear your catastrophe


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Taking a different scene
Can’t remember when I dream
Searching sanity for a scream
Wondering why
Break out
Sun calls out to men 
As the moon turns black
I see that the world has chased us down again
Walking into a realm that puts us back on a stranger day
Could be high, could be lost just the same way
You look at me so clearly
I touch you when you are near me
You turn your head and cry
Desperate for your reasons why
My fear seems to fuck my doubts away
Will my will have a chance to stay
Walking into a realm that puts us back on a stranger day
Could be dead, could be lost just the same way
Someone’s in the mirror
Someone’s in the mirror
That’s not me


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Follow me down to the witnessing mirrors
Let’s see our reflections soar into the beauty
Completing the running time that has come
Across the sea the flowing wind cries mystery
The shine bubbles writhing inquiries talked lips
Arching in coarse touching, bodies howling
A promise in love or the significant mid-turn reply
now I’m dormant like heaven’s rain blast purple stars
The wedded moon’s blue signals die into summer wheat
The horns blow tangerine As I slip cooly into your dream
There it is again the other reason for love-  Comfort
There is never going to be another like you and remember anyway
Alright this motion afford compliance to the mountains reach
And you’re mine once gazed fingers caress kissing colors
Touch my grizzly bear savior out hungry in abolishing wilderness starvation
Who can do the things you do without being called happy
There is a certain feeling I must feel while your alone for you
I cry jaunty in sweat and become born with solutions amazing
Take the door, open children laughing and hear them rule the world
And I know for a splashing moment that stomachs twist in confidence
Prisoned in our minds we explode our explore with timid and burnt glass
My mask unfolds to parch a storm cloud arbitrary
Easy ride the rain’s bowed glint color potion blubbering our pretty
Screaming wild you’re my lunatic flower, my occupant in my dreams
Stirring the god’s eyes into glued smoke and stoned power convulsions
Coming as lovers do when heat escapes from under the white noise
Wishful blue cool water beautiful where I’d like to be
Wicked crow called out instinctive rubber rebounded folly
You and me in windy sunshine forest blanket and mirrored sin
Right back in the hollow weird surprise where the tears are dry
I’d love to hear you strangle my enterprise, my deliverance
My proposition, can you give me a place to hide inside your tranquillity
I can’t make it anymore as I search the highlands for a new dream
But there could be an unraveled river where stones get thrown
Leather roads probed toes and lunch trips of a grateful dead
Successful streets soft lines where sweet and shallow sayings praise
It going to be this way all day and nothing we say will be able to lay
Kiss the mirror as you follow your breath foggy moistened eye to eye hunt
We got a few at the edge of town where the city licks the woods
Make you sleep when we are done after our launched bodies carved memories
Why were you born my babe?  Just to play with me.  To freak out.
Or to be beautiful, my dear.


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Pushit lyrics

I will choke until I swallow…
Choke this infant here before me.
What is this but my reflection?
Who am I to judge and strike you down?

But you’re
Pushing and shoving me.
You still love me and you pushit on me.

Rest your trigger on my finger,
bang my head upon the fault line.
Take care not to make me enter.
’cause if I do we both may disappear.

But you’re pushing me,
Shoving me. Pushit on me.

Slipping back into the gap again.
I’m alive when you’re touching me,
Alive when you’re shoving me down.

But i’d trade it all
For just a little bit of
Peace of mind.

Put me somewhere I don’t wanna be.
Seeing someplace I don’t wanna see.
Never wanna see that place again.

Saw that gap again today
As you were begging me to stay.
Managed to push myself away,
And you, as well.

If, when I say I may fade like a sigh if I stay,
You minimize my movement anyway,
I must persuade you another way.

There’s no love in fear.

Staring down the hole again.
Hands upon my back again.
Survival is my only friend.
Terrified of what may come.

Just remember I will always love you,
Even as I tear your fucking throat away.
But it will end no other way.